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Warhammer Age of Sigmar (2024) Cinematic Trailer | 4K UHD

The new edition of Warhammer Age of Sigmar is upon us! Coming Summer 2024!
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25 days ago

DEI trash

25 days ago

Wokehammer 2024. There is only cringe. 2026 warhammer 40k Amazon series goes very well. Gw hires manager to become next star wars. Manager says warhammer should become more woke. We have female space marines. All chapters become the same. Fan base starts to leave. Manager tells gw that they are not inclusive enough. Gw becomes more woke. Die hard fans leave. Gw goes bankrupt and is bought by hasbro or disney.

25 days ago


25 days ago

detected: brood horror, tzaangors, demigryph, nagash, skaven, wraiths, some sort of space marine woman i care a lot less about than the other things

25 days ago


25 days ago

Whammanhammer The Age Of Bringing Up Old stuff Blaming Others for Their Problems Edition.

25 days ago

Would've been cool…..

If it was a man not poc chick whining about responsibilities.

25 days ago

Age of Sigmar is to me, like Disney Star Wars.

It never happened.

I prefer Warhammer Reforged, and Star Wars Legends.

25 days ago

I smell DEI scum all over this trailer.

25 days ago

надо же было так все испоганить. из гримдарка сваять унылую фемповестку? легко!

25 days ago

С повесточкой вас друзья))) ахахахха

25 days ago

This was amazing! Love AoS!

25 days ago

Sooo…. they all women??

25 days ago

Nope sry,not my piece of cake,still wait for old FB warhammer.

25 days ago

Use my comment as a dislike

25 days ago

Strong and independent again))

25 days ago

А вот и повесточка (хоть не в 40к)

25 days ago


25 days ago

Looks like typical New York rats…

25 days ago

Sweet Baby Inc. detected!

25 days ago

Incel virgins, relax, women exist.

25 days ago

Опять баба !? Где мужики накаченные ???????

25 days ago

Sigmar confirmed shitlord.

25 days ago

Pro move from the Skaven would have been to have their city burst out of the ground underneath the other city.

25 days ago

How is everyone getting mad at a fake woman in a fake video world, brimming with demons and undead? It’s a little much lads

25 days ago

Woman moment…теперь понятно почему в Steam отзывы на игру неоднозначные и смешанные)

25 days ago

The he**? Warhammer get woke? Oh hell no, I´m stopping buying more stuff till this corruption ends…

25 days ago

This gives off heavy Astartes vibes

25 days ago

Meh, you didn’t have much of a personality to lose sweetie

25 days ago

I just canceled my Warhammer+ sub and y’all release this. Wtf!?

25 days ago

Demons who had previously almost cut out villages in solo began to die from one simple girl.(I condemn this manifestation of feminism) EVERYONE was afraid of demons.

Nagash is a helpless and useless god. He literally killed what was not being killed and did the impossible, and just like that, the soul of some better version of a feminist was stolen from him. I do not believe.

The Skaven are lying in a ditch. They can always come up with a new, scary strategy, but here they can't capture just one homeless city. The city is not besieged by millions of Gatlings and a couple of scattered rats. One Sinimatic put the Skaven in the shit.

25 days ago

Come across as whiny af to anyone else?

25 days ago

WTF 'Piss Flaps' everywhere, FTS. AOS is shite.

25 days ago

#GRIM the best coin meme of the millennium!

25 days ago

Adeptus Astartes in WH Fantasy universe.

25 days ago

What a load of bollocks… wheres Warhammer?