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WARHAMMER Elves Destroy Chaos Champion Fight Scene (2023)

Warhammer 40K Battle Scene –

WARHAMMER Elves Destroy Chaos Champion Fight Scene (2023) 4K ULTRA HD

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12 days ago

I'm still mad they released this game half finished and than wondered why it failed… they promised 6 unique cities and delivered 2… This was back when gamers still expected atleast some of the promises to be delievered before a full release….

12 days ago

What is this from

12 days ago

and age of shitmar destroyed it all. screw GW.

12 days ago

Bad Cut Scene EDIT. Yuck Try Again. Thumbs Down. why is there a Elder Scrolls V game box under video?

12 days ago

Can someone tell me the name of the dark sorceress at 1:12

12 days ago

We all know why we clicked on this video.

12 days ago

WHere are all the original cinematics for these? Looks great!

12 days ago

I can fix that elf

12 days ago

It’s cos of her impregnable armour

12 days ago

Miss WHO, didnt get a chance to play the revival….just not the same. Many fun memories.

12 days ago

Terrible. A bunch of stuff was cut out and this thing looks awful

12 days ago

What game is this

12 days ago

Literally the summation of end times

12 days ago

Какая-то каша из роликов, намешано одно с другим.

12 days ago

choppy video, every 5 secs a small part is clipped, i know the originals, what's the point of that editing?

12 days ago

Warhammer Online Age of Reckoning. Mark of Chaos.

12 days ago

2023 lmao, those cinematics are from 2008/2006

12 days ago

1:11 horny intensifies

12 days ago

Horribly cut content👎

12 days ago

I remember trying to get everyone to leave WoW for this lol. Oops. Still was fun

12 days ago

I like how khornes army just got hard stomped by the orkz.

12 days ago

I don’t Know why but I really enjoy Elves

12 days ago

One of my favorite mmos ever

12 days ago

I feel Diablo is better than war hammer.

12 days ago

I miss this game 🙁

12 days ago

Great starting zones for each race. Good leveling experince over all, early game pvp was great fun. Over all Good times and a fun game, PvP maps were often a touch to big or way to tight and it could be the same map just diffrent locations. but it was always fun, until end game.

The net code was stable but limited. Making it atrocious for city raids nearly impossible with the lag… even mid to late game castles/forts raids were brutal if enough people joined in. However the siege weapons were more humorous than effective?

But the games biggest let down was simoly City raid was the end game for the longest time.

I heard they eventually put out an end game dungeon before the game was shut down… but I never checked it out because I had long since moved on.

12 days ago

Bro that fire wizard took a f**** sword to the back how is he alive

12 days ago

What is the game's name ?

12 days ago

Oh those memories. If only Warhammer:Age of Reckoning MMO was executed better. Beautifull idea, some elements great, but lackluster PvE, horribly glitchy dungeons, laggy Warband PvP…
I so wanted it to be better or at least on the same level as WoW, but from Warhammer setting. It failed though :-(.

12 days ago

It was a fun game, but the Devs can take complete blame on it failing. As a Dev, you can't pick sides. They still haven't learned their lesson.

12 days ago

I love this game let’s go 🖕

12 days ago

Haha i love hiw cocky those Khorne shits are, then got pummeled when the Troll and Orcs arrived to smack their pitiful asses. 😂

12 days ago

Why is this video so full of cuts? It sucks.

12 days ago

Don’t see a lord of change bending the knee like that to someone with that weak of a waghjhhhhh!

12 days ago

Why 2023?

12 days ago

Miss this game. Had some great nights in the big RVR stuff.

12 days ago

For Sigmar!!!

12 days ago

Game lives on as Return of reckoning.

12 days ago

WAR was my best mmo in my life

12 days ago

Mostly incoherrent fight scenes scrambled together

12 days ago

Do you want to be in a cutscene?
No, because you have a 90% chance of dying.

12 days ago

Damnit warhammer is just SO badass.

12 days ago

Больше хаоса

12 days ago

why destroy the trailer fkn mor*n

12 days ago

A marauder of chaos is not a chaos champion lol, they are the basic level soldiers. A champion of chaos would be the guy at the very start of the video.

12 days ago

great game, poorly optimised

12 days ago

That was a fun game. Starting zones for Orc and Chaos and Dark Elves… fantastic. Dungeons and those little area quests… great. Just a little lacking in endgame initially and some balance issues related to PvP. Still lots of fun with strangers online. That was a good one.

12 days ago

Nice boobs

12 days ago

And it 's a pity that the game was closed , she was happy and good for her years !

12 days ago

what game???!!!!!!!! I want to try!