We Now Know The Game Length Of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

There is never a shortage of Dragon Ball Z titles released into the market and each installment tends to offer a slight rehash of the saga’s told throughout the anime series. This trend is continuing on with Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot where players will follow Goku as they go through various saga storylines of the anime series. However, unlike some of the previous installments, this title offers a more third-person RPG experience.

While you will still be fighting against different foes, there is the ability to freely explore and take on side quests. It’s bound to have plenty of fans excited to dive into the game purely for the ability to freely explore, but for those of you who were wondering just how long this game will be in terms of completing the campaign, we can finally answer that question. The first review from Famitsu offers readers insight on how long they believe it will take players to go through the game.

According to Famitsu, it will be about a 40-hour gameplay experience and that’s just the campaign. If you add in the side quests and other features throughout the title, you’ll find that the game length will increase. This, of course, is not an official number from the development team CyberConnect 2 or publishers Bandai Namco Entertainment. We may see that number adjust a bit more when the title officially launches and more playthroughs are recorded online.

If you’re interested in picking up Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, the game will be available on January 17, 2020, for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.

Source: Gamerant


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