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Welcome Back Home! Subway Surfers Classic 2024 Trailer Breakdown

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24 days ago

Welcome the new voice of Tecky Gamie channel, Julie!

If you don't know, The original Ai voice which I'm using in my videos since the last 2 years is not working anymore, The servers of the App which I use to make the voice, are down. So I'll have to use this new voice until the App gets fixed.
That's also why this video is coming very late. Hope you like the new voice!
If you don't then tell me in comments, So I will replace her with another voice!

And yeah, See you in Classic City on 13th May! 👀
It's time to get Nostalgic.

24 days ago

Excelente voz❤

24 days ago

Nice Trailer Breakdown video

24 days ago

This is the perfect voice😊

24 days ago

I hope your old voice returns soon

24 days ago

2:44 Mexico 2022!!

24 days ago

I hope you can get your old voice back, Until then I'm Excited for tomorrow new update

24 days ago

Tecky gamie is using Alexa's voice now Why are you using Alexa's voice it is not good 😐

24 days ago

What happened to your voice

24 days ago

I like the subway classic in fact in this update I will play with Jake I’m not going to play with the new characters but I can still unlock them but I need to select Hammy bee pixel jake ballerina tricky and Guared king So I can Test how do They look when I play with them

24 days ago

At the beginning of the trailer we see things from Subway surfers blast game

24 days ago

I am super hyped for the update!!

24 days ago

I'm so glad we're not going back to Copenhagen, Instead we're going to the first ever map! Can't Wait!

24 days ago

Hopefully it gets fixed soon Tecky cause we all really want that old voice back but as of now we’re gonna get used to this new voice until that other one gets fixed.

24 days ago

0:22 subway surfOrs

24 days ago

New voice?

24 days ago

I miss your old voice 🥺.

24 days ago

I m gonna miss the old voice! 😭
Cant wait for Monday! 🤩😍🎉🥳🎊🍰🎂❤
Btw at 0:45 the "20:12" is a reference to the year Subway Surfers was Released which was in 2012!

24 days ago


24 days ago


24 days ago

And this voice are good too ☺️😀

24 days ago

Your video is cool ❤!

24 days ago

I'm so excited for this update 😍

24 days ago

2012 year of origianl subway surfers release and i still wondering what chewing gum on vr set are something or just parody ads

24 days ago

This has to be the best update of 2024 so far! I remember playing in this environment in 2012! It's exactly the same as it was before! ❤️ I'm very happy to see it back!

24 days ago

Maybe we are gonna go to Los Angeles 2024 because the update now is Underwater and the trailer show underwater the next update is Classic and they show classic so maybe the Supernova will come back at the next update? In San Francisco?

24 days ago

jake is finally going to his birthplace

24 days ago

Op 🔥

24 days ago

So many things to get in this update for the ones who didnt get super runners and rivals because this update will have one I think. But there some characters that cost real money as always.

24 days ago


24 days ago

Can't wait for this!Finally back home!!❤️