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What do the different Pals produce at the ranch in Palworld?

Every Pal is built different. Some can mine, others help cook, and a number of them can be employed in the Ranch. Pals deployed to the ranch each produce a different item, so if you’re looking to farm one particular item, this handy chart will help you choose the right one.

Palworld ranch drops

Depending on the Pal you assign to the ranch will change the resource you receive. A maximum of five Pals can work on a ranch at once, meaning that you can totally farm one resource or get a nice mix.

Beegarde Honey
Caprity Berries
Chikipi Egg
Cremis Wool
Flambelle Flame Organ
Lamball Wool
Mau Gold
Mau Cryst Gold
Melpaca Wool
Mozzarina Milk
Sibelyx High-Quality Cloth
Vixy Blue and Green Sphere, Gold, Arrows
Woolipop Cotton Candy
Image: PC Invasion

It is worth noting that you will only get green Spheres from Vixy above level 4. A lot of the ranch drops are pretty basic items but ones that you will certainly need in abundance. Using the ranch is one of the best ways to passively farm resources while you’re out doing important Palworld stuff.

The best pals for a ranch in Palworld

Each of these Pals provides different drops for your ranch, and while you’re away, they can produce and store them. However, some are more beneficial than others. Items like Berries and Wool are very easy to come across simply by being in the world or killing very low-level Pals. However, something like Gold, High-Quality Cloth, and Spheres usually take a little time and effort to produce.

Pal Ranch In Palworld
Screenshot: PC Invasion

I think the clear winner for the best Pal to employ on a ranch has to be Vixy. The wide spread of helpful items dropped by this Pal makes it the perfect all-rounder. Gold, Arrows, and Spheres will always be used. However, as you level up, these items may start to become redundant. A later game Pal for your Ranch may be the Mau Pals, with their output of ever-useful gold.

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