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What does and doesn’t carry over run to run in Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ)

MWZ is a Zombified take on Modern Warfare 2’s DMZ mode. The latter was criticized for several design choices that aren’t well explained, and that certainly rings true in MWZ. Let me explain what does and doesn’t carry over run to run in Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ).

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What can I keep between runs in MWZ?

MWZ is confusing for newcomers for a few reasons, but chief among them is what items are kept and lost between runs. Unlike a typical extraction shooter, you lose all duplicate equipment items upon exfil. Unfortunately, this means you can’t have a stash full of Gas Masks, Backpacks, and Plate Carriers. RIP all my hoarder friends.

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It’s not all bad news. Any gear you wear will persist between runs. For example, if you’re wearing a big Backpack, you get to keep that. You can see what gear your Operator is wearing on the ‘Gear’ screen. Other items you retain include:

  • Contraband Weapons
  • Insured Slot Weapon
  • Unused Ammo Mods
  • Aetherium Tools
  • Aetherium Crystals
  • Kill Streaks

You can store Contraband Weapons for later, although they can’t be insured. This means your prized guns are on the line if you take them into a run, but weapons are plentiful, and you’ll always find more if you die.

What items do I lose between runs in MWZ

You lose duplicate gear upon exfil, but several ‘one-off’ items are also lost when you exit a map. These include:

  • Money
  • Mercenary Stronghold Keycards
  • Deadbolt Ammo Circuit Boards
  • Misc items like Canned Food
  • Pack-a-Punch
  • Equipped Ammo Mods

Bonuses like Ammo Mods and Pack-a-Punch are lost when you exfil and must be repurchased each run. One significant change to the DMZ formula is how money works, as you can no longer bring a stack with you into MWZ.

What Items do I lose when I die in MWZ?

Death is quite punishing in MWZ as you lose everything if you don’t exfil. Those losses include whatever Backpack or Plate Carrier you’re wearing, so you really do start from scratch if you die. The only item you keep upon death is the weapon in your Insured Slot. As you progress through the MWZ story, you’ll earn more Insured Slots, but they only cover guns and can’t be used to protect your gear.

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