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What Happened to All Those 3D Platformers?

For six years I’ve hosted the series Upcoming 3D Platformers, showcasing a ton of games in the genre that I thought looked promising. Some of those games have come out, some are still in development.

With the sixth installment right around the corner, I thought we should go back and look at games I’ve featured in past videos to find out what happened to them.

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0:38 2019
6:37 2020
9:17 2021
10:41 2022
12:01 2023
14:25 Outro

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4 months ago

3D Platformer Month kicks off with a look back at previous games I've featured in my Upcoming 3D Platformers series to see where they are today. And I hope you're excited for this year's edition of the series, it's going to be a good one!

4 months ago

"The game released for free, and-"
Yoink! I'll add that to my library, thank you!

4 months ago

I'd just heard about the Untitled Otter game yesterday. Great stylization of early 3d graphics but I did think it was just a practice level for someone just starting out. Didn't know it was going to be a game at one point.

4 months ago

Great idea for a video. Always nice to see what's going on with these games.

One suggestion? Maybe include links to the finished games on Steam or something. Hardly essential or anything, but it would be nice!

4 months ago

Both the Path to Greatness and the Otter-Lifeguard game actually looked charming, and the Otter one in particular looks better than following Longtail one art-wise.

4 months ago

i love them too, so im making one right now

4 months ago

I tend to sometimes watch these low-sub count low view-count vids in my recommended and be like "cool but also meh needs work, let me give some feedback" but this video was pretty solid overall and well-made. It wasn't overbearing or AI-made or poorly balanced or anything, just a good review of 3d platformers covered over the past 5 years. Nice job.

4 months ago

I'm kinda surprised that Rollin' Rascal wasn't mentioned, but it probably will be next video.

4 months ago

Awesome video. Love to see this genre generating hype/interest and finding success with titles I didn’t know about

4 months ago

I hope Pseudoregalia and Rollin' Rascal could appear to get some more attention soon

4 months ago

I played Kao and I hat a lot of fun doing it

4 months ago

The Big Catch actually looks really interesting

4 months ago

Double Shake reeks of Mischief Makers… some of the same people in the developing team? 🤔

4 months ago

Honestly, it's pretty simple: Humans are narcissists who hate animals. I love how all those charming animal platformers failed while the ones starring uninspired human-sue protags succeeded.

4 months ago

Really looking forward to the next video of 3D platformers! Also, where do you find new 3D platformers to look forward to?

4 months ago

Well… I played Boti and it's bad. Realy bad. Very repetative, boring, monotonous gameplay. And bosses design is something. Just bad game, but it's looks preaty and can make some first impressions, But… No. It's not good. Try Corn Kidz 64. It's REALY good game.

4 months ago

– They sucked –
🤷🏻‍♀️ not gonna sugarcoat it.
hop and bop died with my childhood for a reason.

and anyone arguing differently, i have a SWELL game by Rare with some monkeys and it's only got 6 million collectibles, MAJOR FUN.

4 months ago

i think otter game looked too much like banjo kazooie graphically and might be why it stopped production

4 months ago

Hell Pie mechanically is really fun, but it's attempts at humor are so lame and unfunny and just cringe that it really takes away from the overall experience.

4 months ago

What happened was we had a resurgence of 3d platformers and they weren't very good

4 months ago

Loved Mail Mole. I need a sequel.

4 months ago

I am actually grateful you included the otter game and Path to Greatness. Even if they don’t come to fruition, they are still very interesting concepts and serve as great inspiration, as well as reasons to keep an eye on these small devs.

4 months ago

Tomb raider 1-3 remastered deserves a mention imo because the original games are mostly platformers. Also I'm still hoping lobodestroyo gets released lol. They update occasionally.