Game Trailers 1

What Makes Us Hyped In Game Trailers

These game trailers… They’re always out to get you! In this video, we explore what makes us hyped for games we barely know anything about!

0:00 – Introduction
1:28 – Wishlists
2:35 – Pedigree
4:15 – Eye Candy
4:50 – Huge Worlds
5:30 – Big Monster
6:50 – Keywords Bingo
11:04 – Making Hype Games
11:41 – Ending

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15 days ago

Interesting analysis. I get a feeling a lot of these common topics associated with popular trailers come from the "pedigree" topic, where they have elements from previously popular games and/or media and trigger the association "oh man, I loved *blank*. I really hope this new game feels like it".
Some of these topics might be everlasting (like eye candy, or big monsters), but others I feel would fluctuate depending what trended previously. Like how for a time "car tuning" was very popular alongside the earlier Fast and Furious movies.
Hype responsibly, kids.