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What to Do After Finishing the Game (Post-Game Content Guide)

Completing the main story of Animal Well will take most players around five hours or so. Thankfully, however, there’s still plenty to be done once the credits are done rolling, with a plethora of post-game secrets still waiting to be solved.




All Animal Well Warp Songs and Flute Melodies

The following guide contains every flute song in Animal Well, as well as information on when and where players can use them all.

All in all, players can expect to get another ten to fifteen hours out of the game, which should come as good news to most. Some of the post-game content in Animal Well can be a little cryptic though, so players should be prepared to use their brains.


Although it is technically possible to get every item in Animal Well before completing the main story, most players will probably only find around half of them during their first playthrough. That’s okay though, as they’ll be able to carry on exploring even after the end credits have finished rolling. Some of these new tools can completely change the way that players navigate the map, which, in turn, can make some of the other post-game tasks in Animal Well a whole lot easier.

2 Find Every Secret Egg


In addition to all of the items, players will also want to make a point of finding every secret egg in Animal Well, as doing so will be important for those hoping to unlock the game’s true ending. They’ll need to find half of the eggs to get one of the items anyway, at which point, finding the other half shouldn’t be too bad. Granted, a handful of the eggs are hidden pretty well, but those with a sense of adventure should have no trouble sniffing them out. For everybody else, the linked guide above should prove useful.

3 Unlock the Game’s True Ending


Once they’ve found all of the eggs hidden around the map, players will be able to return to the egg room and get the 65th egg. With this egg in hand, they can return to the area where they first encountered the Manticore to trigger Animal Well‘s true ending. Technically, those who got the Top before the first encounter with the Manticore can experience this ending without having to jump through these extra hoops, but for most players, the 65th egg will be key to leaving the well and unlocking the EXIT Trophy / Achievement.

4 Find the Secret Rabbits


There are 16 secret bunnies in Animal Well, most of which are hidden away in incredibly hard-to-reach places. By following a series of cryptic clues though, players shouldn’t have too much trouble finding them all. Once they do, they can use the information provided by the rabbits to solve the BDTP, which ultimately leads to the playable character spouting a set of wings. There’s also a series of Unicode messages hidden throughout the game, which players can use to find audio secret messages from some of the people behind the game.

5 Get Every Trophy / Achievement


By this point, there’s a good chance that players will have already unlocked every Trophy / Achievement in Animal Well, though this is far from guaranteed. This is because one of the Trophies / Achievements is easily missable, much to the frustration of some players. Thankfully, players can unlock SNEAK just a few minutes after starting a new game, so won’t need to complete the whole thing all over again just to reach 100% completion, and, for those on PlayStation, the Platinum Trophy.

Animal Well

Animal Well

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May 9, 2024

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