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What To Do With Statues in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Dragon’s Dogma 2 features a vast map for players to discover that dwarfs its predecessor. With more ground to cover and more areas to explore, players will have even more opportunities to discover the secrets and valuables held within the various environments in the game, from artifacts to armor and weapons.

One particular detail that may go unnoticed for some players is the function of statues in Dragon’s Dogma 2, as they are more than just mere decoration. For players seeking every little bonus they can get for their Arisen and party of Pawns, here is all you need to know about statues and how to use them.


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How To Use Statues In Dragon’s Dogma 2

A Dragon's Dogma 2 player looting a chest

Players will encounter a great number of settlements and even ruins on their journey through Dragon’s Dogma 2, which serve to only improve the immersion within the fantastical world that the game is set in. One particular feature that is often pointed out by player Pawns are statues – which in itself is a clue that they may have a purpose.

Statues will generally be found at high points on the map, so they may require some climbing or a detour to reach them. They generally won’t have any treasures around them, but it is worth checking for bags of stray gold or a note with a hint on it. The biggest detail that players will want to take note of is the direction the statue is pointing. All statues will depict a figure pointing into the distance – it isthe pointing that indicates there is some sort of valuable item in that direction. Items will vary in type and value, but can include Seekers Tokens, gold, or Riftstones.

This may sound intriguing, but it can prove to be quite a difficult puzzle to solve. For starters, some statues may have lost parts, including the important arm pointing to the valuables, so there may be some guesswork required. Not only that, but the statue usually won’t give you any idea as to how far you need to venture, nor what prize awaits those who are successful in their search.

To improve your chances of finding the hidden goods, it may be worthwhile to ensure you have the right Pawns for the job. Some Pawns will have learned particular Specializations that can help find valuables, and some may even be able to assist if they have Quest Guide turned on.

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March 22, 2024

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