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What to expect from Summer Game Fest 2023!

In this video, we go through what we have to anticipate from Summer Game Fest 2023! From things already confirmed and revealed all the way back from 2022, to new rumors and speculations on new and previous franchises! I chose to give details and cover only the most hyped and anticipated games revealed so far from various publishers, while also covering what rumors are out there, that are possible reveals happening during the event! If you are big intro the gaming space, and want to know what’s getting revealed in the future you don’t want to miss this event!

What to expect from Summer Game Fest 2023!

?? Songs ??

Intro: Snake on the Beach By: Nico Staf
Montage: Statement of Intent By: BIS
Next song: Concept of Love By: Hideki Naganuma
Next song: Funky Dealer By: Hideki Naganuma
Next song: Teknopathic By: Hideki Naganuma
Outro: The Gentlemen By: DivKid


00:00 Introduction
00:30 Montage
00:53 Major Publishers
01:24 Possible Umbrellas
01:46 Xbox
03:53 Playstation
06:07 Playstation Showcase
06:26 Sega
07:37 Warner Bros.
08:27 Ubisoft
08:54 Other Games Possible
10:09 Games w/ no Details
10:51 FYI
11:24 I’ll Be Covering the Events
11:38 Outro

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Do you think I missed a major game that might be revealed or shown off in SGF? Do you think this year there is going to be some major bombshells? Are you hyped for Summer Game Fest?!



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4 months ago

Another two massive games you probably didn’t know about are from Nexon who was in the big publisher slide, under studio Embark. The Finals and ARC Raiders both don’t have release dates yet but there was already a closed alpha and beta for the finals and there’s an upcoming alpha for arc raiders. we should get an alpha trailer for arc raiders as well as a release date for the finals. both games are currently slated for 2023 releases

4 months ago

hope to see elden ring dlc trailer

4 months ago

Hopefully some more PSVR2 games get announced!

4 months ago

It's been two and a half years since Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines 2 got its developers switched. Last November, Paradox CEO said the development was going well and that a 2023 release isn't out of the question. So unless he was talking out his ass, I think there's a fairly decent chance Bloodlines 2 will be what Paradox brings to the event.

4 months ago

Bro telltale games is on there and I swear they been gone for years I swear they got bankrupt

4 months ago

Hoping we get alien(xenomproh)game news on June 8 at SGF. Hoping it's the rumored AAA game or survios aliens🤞🤞🤞🤞 Alien isolation 2 would be better than the 2 combined if announced😮

4 months ago

I hope we get a release date for Remnant 2 from Gearbox

4 months ago

I just hope that we could all celebrate games as a unified community of gamers and not fuel the console wars. That crap should be a thing of the past at this point.

4 months ago

Hoping xbox show something about state of decay 3

4 months ago

I really hope Dragon Ball Budokai Tenkaichi 4 will be in here since Bandai is, I hope we get gameplay trailer.

4 months ago

i hope the spiderman release date and pre order or in future game show

4 months ago

We need elder scrolls VI news

4 months ago

Tales of arise beyond the dawn trademarked a few months ago . I would like a little thing about this

4 months ago

I wish E3 2022 is not canceled.

June 10 – EA

June 11 – Microsoft and Bethesda

June 12 – Sony, Ubisoft, Square Enix, Capcom, Sega, PC, and more

June 13 – Nintendo

4 months ago

I just hope we get The Elden Ring dlc trailer 🤞

4 months ago

I just want to see state of decay 3, ark 2, and bioshock 4 now

4 months ago

Im hoping for a glimpse at Control 2. Although given that its probably not ready to show yet, ill take a nore official announcement at least

4 months ago

Overwatch 2 announced pve was a scam, and bloodhunt battle royale movement shooter has ceased development can we get some fucking games that aren’t abusive af to the consumer

4 months ago

I’m watching for Pragmata and the Day Before.

4 months ago

This show is gonna be terrible. The only thing I would like is if we could get a release date for Stellar Blade and Lies Of P.

4 months ago

Jak 4!!!

4 months ago

Pearl abyss crimson dessert 👀

4 months ago

I’m excited for spider man 2 and Alan wake 2 looks good so I might be getting that

4 months ago

The first descendent, Spiderman 2 and crimson desert. I hope new infos from Tomb Raider and Pragmata

4 months ago

I really wonder what games paradox will show at that event. I really hope for cities skylines 2

4 months ago

I'm excited about Naruto X Boruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections, Dragon Quest 3 HD-2D, Dragon Quest Adventures of Dai Infinity Strash, Dragon Quest 12, the new Budokai Tenkaichi game, and Kingdom Hearts 4!

4 months ago

I just want payday 3

4 months ago

I see Disney and Square Enix hope there's a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 4 1:01

4 months ago

I am really hoping they show us a trailer for Killer Klowns from outer space 🙏

4 months ago

To me PlayStation didn't probably want to show first Party games because their either not ready or maybe their ready there keeping it for summer game fest and showing off third party games at PlayStation Showcase.

4 months ago

Is there going be another PlayStation Showcase in the Summer Game Fest? 🤔

4 months ago

Awesome job on this!