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What’s the Ancient Crypt Code?

The Ancient Crypt pays tribute to the patrons of Sea of Stars, and here’s how to find it.

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Sea of Stars is a successful Kickstarter project that received enough funding from fans to get developed and launched to critical acclaim. It is a love letter to classic JRPGs like Chrono Trigger, Super Mario RPG, and the Breath of Fire series. Despite being a tribute to the JRPG genre, Sea of Stars succeeds in being a breath of fresh air that feels new. For the fans who contributed to the game’s funding, the developers have included a lovely little tribute in the form of a crypt where funders have their names and leave personal messages for players to view.



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Where To Find The Crypt In Sea Of Stars

Sea of Stars - the party traveling to Settlers Island by ship

After obtaining the pirate ship, the protagonists will have more freedom to explore the seas and visit the Sea of Stars’ other islands. The party must speak to the ghostly pirate Hortence in the Port of Brisk Town. The pirate will ask if it’s time to take the settlers to their new island. The ship must travel northeast of Brisk Town.

Sea of Stars - Ancient Crypt location on the settlers island-1

After arriving on the island and watching cutscenes, a villager informs Zale and Valere that some settlers found an eerie place with a strange entrance to the north. The peculiar place is the Ancient Crypt, where the Cryptwalker will inform Zale and Valere that it contains stones, monuments, and statues dedicated to the builders and visionaries of the world – the financial backers of Sea of Stars.

How To Use The Ancient Crypt Key In Sea Of Stars

Sea of Stars - using a code in the Crypt

Backers who donated a minimum amount of cash to the Kickstarter fund for Sea of Stars’ development will forever be memorialized in the Ancient Crypt. It’s too late for new players to have their crypt, but backers will get the following:

  • Backers who donated a minimum of $45 got a gravestone as a Solstice Warrior.
  • Backers who donated a minimum of $119 got a statue with the message “a hero to be remembered.”
  • Backers who donated $148 got a custom-made statue with the message “a hero to be worshipped.”

Patrons that backed the Sea of Stars project will have received a unique code via email from Sabotage Studio. Backers must enter the room with the teleport stones in the crypt and speak to the Cryptwalker to use the code to get taken to their unique monument. Patrons won’t reach their monuments until around ten hours of gameplay in Sea of Stars.

Sea of Stars is available now for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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