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When a game looks TOO GOOD | MAX REACTS: Chrono Odyssey

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Max reacts to the bombshell trailer drop for an upcoming Korean MMORPG featuring insane combat, time altering shenanigans, and an insane level of quality…and why this is ultimately incredibly depressing.

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10 days ago

Vindictus with the big L, cause Chrono Odyssey got there too

10 days ago

They dropped a trailer almost a year ago…with gameplay….this right here idk what this is

10 days ago

Do some research before making a video there are many things you didnt mention looks like you just watch the trailer and comment about it. nothing interesting to learn about your video anyone can comment their impression on a trailer ….

10 days ago

BDO remake and lean will have same gambling pay to win system these Koreans always make

10 days ago

Too good to be true

10 days ago

i heard that they were releasing the game years ago but then decided to change the engine to ue5, soo fingers crossed for 2024 ?

10 days ago

MMO with Dark Soul type combat and visuals im in

10 days ago

It looks too good to ever release. When something just looks to good to be true, it always is. I PRAY TO GOD IT RELEASES though.

10 days ago

I'm not even into these kinds of games and even I think it looks really good!

10 days ago

Didn't Software did the same when they showed the first trailer of Elden Ring back in 2019 with no release date? I have a feeling that we might have to wait a couple years for this game to be release for sure…

10 days ago

The trailer literally warns you that these images might not appear in game. Peacocking plain and simple. This bird will never fly.

10 days ago

If it has world boss battles like Bless Unleashed (the only aspect I enjoyed). This has the opportunity to be legit.

10 days ago

idk I have a super pc and I play big triple a games with 60+ frames on ultra+ and this seems realistic performance wise. I'm just worried about it being korean mmo. The game will be cool but the practices will be trash like BDO…. great combat and looking game but I refuse to waste my time on it

10 days ago

First thing I thought was deep down, same vibes

10 days ago

It just reeks of pay 2 win

10 days ago

I totally I agree. We have been let down soooo many times. And if triple a developers can’t deliver, it’s normal to be skeptical at a studio we’ve never heard from. But like u said , I’d love to be proven wrong.

10 days ago

Lost ark also looked good…but all korean asian mmorpg style games are pay to win to the bone sadly

10 days ago

Question is how does it play when you have a shit ton of ppl in the same area

10 days ago

For some reason I'm getting "Deep Down" vibes, just a game that looks too good to be true and ends up being just that

10 days ago

This kind of graphics with the amount of players we see on screen wont even be close to run on something with 10TFLOPs. Game wont look like this on PS5

10 days ago

Didnt the first trailer already drop 2 years ago ? :3

10 days ago

if this is real im ready for losing my IRL

10 days ago

The trailers are the ones that catch everyone until you play it and realize, fck I just got con out my pockets again

10 days ago

i feel like im the only person no impressed by the game

10 days ago

i wouldnt even care if it wasnt a full mmorpg. if it was 4-16 player raids like monster hunter. I'd be happy enough.

10 days ago

After Throne and Liberty you know it's fake

10 days ago

These devs have a total of one other game on their belt and its a mobile gatcha game so that should tell you everything on where to place your hype meter on this one

10 days ago

Am i right to say these previews of games are like presidential candidates stating "what they're going to do in office." Then when they're in office they don't commit to their promises?

10 days ago

It should be illegal to make a game with Chrono in the title and have it not be a sequel

10 days ago

One thing that sprung to mind for me were the animations, they seemed very similar to games like Monster Hunter with that Dragon, and the fire demon they were fighting at the end was I'm fairly certain Goliath from DMC5's animations and move set, it could just be my imagination though, I suppose a big fire demon and a Dragon would fight fairly similar no matter the game.

10 days ago

*Sniff sniff* Do you smell that? … Smells like Anthem…

10 days ago

who tf play mmo at a ps5?

10 days ago

Some of the fight animations look kinda weird and the characters look like their not grounded, like they're floating above the actual environment if that makes sense?

10 days ago

Damnit thought it was related to chrono trigger