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Where to find Power Fruit, Life Fruit, and Stout Fruit in Palworld

New updates mean new items in Palworld, and the latest one has rolled out some huge changes. Now, while exploring Palworld you can find three new fruit called Power, Life, and Stout fruit. Each has its own benefit and can be plucked from the trees around the island.

Where to find the new fruit in Palworld

Power Fruit, Life Fruit, and Stout Fruit can all be found on the various Skill Fruit trees located around the Palworld map. The map below shows where each of them is located.

Image: PC Invasion

Head to one of these various trees to pick the fruit that hangs on them. If you find one and it doesn’t have any of the new fruit hanging, then grab the ones that are on there and return in six to eight hours. The tree will have grown new fruit for you to pick.

What do the new Palworld fruits do?

There are three new fruits to find on the various Skill Fruit Trees in Palworld. Each boosts your Pals stats differently when fed to them.

  • Stout Fruit – This fruit will boost the defence of the Pal you feed it to.
  • Power Fruit – Feeding this fruit to your pal will boost its Attack skill.
  • Life Fruit – Unsurprisingly, this fruit will boost your Pals HP points.
Where to find Power Fruit, Life Fruit, and Stout Fruit in Palworld
Image: PC Invasion

Skill Fruit is a fantastic way to not only teach your Pals new Palworld skills but also now boost their stats. Because the fruit regenerates every six to eight hours, you can constantly farm them. If you mark down their various locations around the map, it becomes much easier to check in on them as you happen to pass.

I would use Fast Travel points like the Investigators Fork and Small Cove to easily access skill trees. Both are within a very short distance of the Fast Travel point and will allow you to collect Skill Fruits very easily. These two trees can be used to farm the new Palworld skill fruits quickly and efficiently.

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