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Whisker Waters is a Beautiful, Fishing-Focused Adventure

If you’ve been looking for a cute fishing-focused game, then let me introduce Whisker Waters by developer Underbite Games! This casual game blends fantasy with fishing elements to make an intriguing concept for players. Start by creating your very own cat character by choosing from a number of fur colors and accessories to make a cat that’s uniquely yours! Then, set out on a journey of whimsy and wonder as you explore different regions while mastering fishing. 

Whisker Waters takes place in a beautifully designed world where you’ll experience a distinct narrative and adventure. Solve some mysteries and unravel some stories to get to know the place, as well as make some friends along the way. Cats, bears, and birds all live in harmony, and you can befriend them or help them out with tasks. They’ll even reward you with some cool gear! As for the fishing, this isn’t your usual simple fishing game. While it’s easy to play, it’ll take time to master the sport. Each fish has its own tricks to avoid capture. Plus, you will have to deal with some obstacles like a tangled line, whirlpools, and stuck fish. Each one requires prowess and thought to overcome, but offers a wholly rewarding experience once you learn! 

Are you ready for your next great fishing adventure? 

Release Date

Whisker Waters is set to release on April 25th on Steam, Switch, and PlayStation!


Captain Pawesome is another cat-centric fishing game. Plus, there’s Catch and Cook: Fishing Adventure and DREDGE for more fishing-centered fun.

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