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Wild Hearts gameplay trailer showcases five minutes of fighting a massive tiger enemy

Electronic Arts and Koei Tecmo’s upcoming game Wild Hearts, which is riffing on the tried-and-tested formula of Capcom’s flagship Monster Hunter series, has released a brand new gameplay trailer today. This new trailer showcased the game’s combat system against a monster named Golden Tempest. 

This trailer showcases the fight against the Golden Tempest, and takes you through some of the weapons that are in Wild Hearts. Alongside this, you see how the game’s unique mechanics such as building factor into fights. 

The Golden Tempest is a massive creature that resembles a saber-toothed tiger. It has two flowing strands coming from the top of its legs. These sort of resemble a flowing scarf coming from the beast’s neck, with the addition of spikes running down its back, it seems to be a majestic, but also, ferocious looking creature. 

There’s a lot in this Wild Hearts gameplay trailer

The first new weapon the gameplay trailer shows is the claw blade. A blade that is attached to a grappling hook of sorts in the shape of a claw. This weapon seems to be a pretty fast hitting weapon, meaning you can get a ton of hits in quickly. There also seems to be a tether mechanic if you pay close attention to the trailer. The player fires, assumedly, the claw end of the claw blade at the beast. Then you can see a wire attaching the player to the monster as they fight the Golden Tempest.

Secondly, we have the cannon. This one is pretty self explanatory, it’s a big cannon that you use to fire rounds at enemies from distance. There also seems to be some support capabilities to the cannon too. The gameplay trailer shows the player placing a healing aura for players to heal with. This weapon is also a good showcase of Wild Hearts’ unique mechanics, like building. In the trailer it’s shown that you can build walls for you to reload behind so you don’t get attacked while in a vulnerable state.

Then finally we have the karakuri staff. This staff seems like a very useful tool, with it being able to transform into different weapon types to attack enemies. In the gameplay trailer, there’s a demonstration of the weapon turning into a large sword that deals massive damage, and seemingly a two-handed weapon. After showing the three weapon types, the trailer draws to a close.

If you’re a fan of Monster Hunter type games, check out the Wild Hearts gameplay trailer above, alongside the full release on February 17.

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