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Winter Survival: Official Gameplay Overview

Check out this official six-minute developer gameplay overview trailer for Winter Survival, the upcoming first-person story-driven survival game where you’ll battle the elements and wild animals around you. It’s launching into Steam Early Access on March 6.

Check out the game on Steam here:

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1 month ago

from the makers of food truck simulator and gas station simulator… what can go wrong?

1 month ago

So it's basically Kona meets Rust?

1 month ago

Looks better than some survival but idk if this is a pack leader , well see

1 month ago

Im honestly convinced the majority of IGN viewers are in the 12 to 16 age range and have nothing better to do but cry in the comment sections if its any game thats not fortnite or call of duty.

1 month ago

The long dark 2.0?

1 month ago

The demo was painful to play, so painful.

1 month ago

Wolves are super reluctant to attack humans, actually. And the absolute – last – thing you should do when you encounter a bear is run. They are literally 4 times faster than you.

1 month ago

What do you mean by, "Erect them yourself"?

1 month ago

just play The Long Dark lol

1 month ago

Dude talkin bout the features like they are revolutionary and have never been used before!!!…

1 month ago

So its basically sons of the forest minus the cannibals

1 month ago

Long dark is better

1 month ago

long dark exists

1 month ago

Watch out yeti is also there

1 month ago

Is this AI generated narration? It just sounds insane the way he's stringing sentences together, along with the deadpan voice.

1 month ago

been there done that abt 4 times already

1 month ago

This is an AI narrator right?

1 month ago

Kashmir simulator

1 month ago

What backwater nation doesn't give you the freedom to bear arms on your travel excursions? Must be a canadian.

1 month ago

Didn't they do this already?…. Oh wait the long dark.

1 month ago

“You are a rookie survivalist.”
You severely underestimate my experience with survival games.

1 month ago

This got to be the most generic game this year

1 month ago

Im tired of halfassed survival games

1 month ago

Wow such a original concept

1 month ago

yeah, may as well just stop development now

1 month ago

400 lbs for a bear is extremely light, that's not a monster of a bear.

1 month ago

Anybody figure out how this game sets itself apart from every other survival game?

1 month ago

This game concept seems pretty dull in 2024. We've seen it before, and while it worked okay in the past, this time it just feels uninspired. Not calling it bad, but it's just another basic survival game without much creativity.

1 month ago

The modes seem quite boring. Who gives af about score. Allow coop vs PvE and make it like Tarkov on inventory. Boom, profit.

1 month ago

Another survival game lol

1 month ago

lol bear Grylls favorite game

1 month ago

Awesome! Thanks IGN!

1 month ago

another early access survival game….

1 month ago

PlayStation 5 ?

1 month ago

00:35 I'm confused by the meaning of "nature's thankless verdict"

1 month ago

So it's The Long Dark with a different style of graphics.

1 month ago

the long dark hd

1 month ago

What subjects or areas of knowledge are you interested in or would you like to study?💖

1 month ago

Ps5 when ?😊

1 month ago

Hatchet the video game

1 month ago

Tell me about any professional development or training program you have participated in to improve your skills💚?

1 month ago

Son of the forest in the winter

1 month ago


1 month ago