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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Ver1.04 Update Features Further Fixes For PC Players And More

Team Ninja has rolled out another Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty update that addresses more PC qualms and fixes some fairly major gameplay issues, too. Mouse camera controls have been improved further, and as well as lots of bug fixes, you’ll also notice adjustments to projectiles, post-battlefield travel, and more.

When Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty launched earlier this month, it came under fire for its poor PC performance, as well as various control issues on that platform. Team Ninja pushed out an update intended to address those issues last week, and this new update, coded version 1.04, makes further improvements on that front. According to the patch notes, mouse camera controls, tilting scroll wheel controls, and lighting controls in Photo Mode while using a mouse have all been improved.

Of course, that’s not all. Major adjustments include the ability to automatically restock your arrows and consumables when you access a Battle Flag, as well as the ability to lock on to a different target during Fatal Strike, Divine Beast Summon, and deflect animations. No longer will you be caught short by the targeting system when you’re mid-combat.

When you’re bashing your head against the Lu Bu brick wall, the last thing you want is to miss out on extra arrows or consumables.

There are lots of other changes, and although most of them are a little smaller, you should still notice some of them. You can now open the Travel screen after clearing a battlefield (unless it’s your first time and it’s a main story battlefield) and choose where you’d like to go next, for instance, and player Morale rank has been changed to 20 while in the Hidden Village area.

You can read the full Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty ver1.04 patch notes here, although be warned, there are a lot of bug fixes and minor changes. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is available right now on PC, PlayStation consoles, and Xbox platforms, and it’s also part of Xbox and PC Game Pass. If you’re currently working your way through this epic adventure, make sure to have a look at our guides, which should give you all the info you need to tackle bosses, craft gear, and more.

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