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Word Tactics, a brand new multiplayer PvP-focused Wordle-like game, launches

While many reiterations of the absolute cultural craze that was Wordle have hit the market in the time since it became such a big hit, the newest addition to this library might mix things up enough to make it stand out. This new word-based puzzler, Word Tactics, mixes up the formula by introducing multiplayer into the mix alongside some new challenges and a good bit of competitiveness.

We all knew someone who was absolutely obsessed with Wordle during its heyday – or we’re that person instead. It was a massive hit, and while the concept of guessing letters to fit a four-letter word was super simple, it was a fun way to bond with others during a time in which it was tough to meet up with your friends, and always fun to see what people would guess until someone got it.

The App Store and Play Store alike have seen many clones of this formula since that heyday passed, trying to cash in on some of that hype, but none of them has really expanded upon the idea in nuanced ways – that is, until Word Tactics! Created by a single indie developer and originally announced on one of his Reddit posts, this new game hopes to refresh your love for Wordle using multiplayer.

This new system works in a turn-based way, allowing each player to throw in their letter guesses one after another until one nails down which word it is. This keeps that simplistic idea that Wordle is built upon, but makes it even more of a social endeavour as you can invite your friends or square off against random opponents at will.

Add in a leaderboard system that will show off who the best player truly is, giving you some bragging rights to show off to your friends, and there’s a lot to dig into here. If you’d like to give it a go yourself, you can currently download it for free at either of the links below!

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