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working on the mobile theme currently.

Hey guys! We want to thank you all for the GIGANTIC return! Thing went very smoothly and with your patience and our persistence we have gotten to a point that we can say we are happy with.

As most of you have seen by now we have started uploading videos to our youtube channel! This has been a thing that we sat on for three years with only one podcast video sitting on it. We decided that it was time to finally put it to use and boy oh boy do we have some great ideas for it! So please stay tuned for that.

now with all that we can talk about the mobile look of this site. Yes the desktop theme is responsive and will probably be active for a little time longer. HOWEVER we are still in love with our old theme that we had. So for the upcoming week we will be in and out of trying to get that back and running.

in the mean time, we arent saying these will be our official forums. But these are currently linked to the main site so if you have anything you want to share with us you can do so there or in our discord.

thank you guys!

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