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Worst Families To Be Born Into In Game Of Thrones


  • Being born into House Clegane means certain death, as the family has a history of high mortality rates and extinction.
  • House Frey is a loveless and miserable family, involved in betrayals and unfortunate marriages, as seen in the shocking Red Wedding.
  • The Lannister House demands perfection and punishes any imperfections or mistakes, creating a challenging and unforgiving environment for anyone born into the family.



The world of Game of Thrones is vast, brimming with life and thriving with families. Many powerful and lesser families make up the Seven Kingdoms, and all struggle with their unique trials and tribulations.


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Undoubtedly, some families have the worst luck of the show, and as such, any born into it are forced to bear the curse of their household name. Even mighty houses such as Lannister bear the dangers of their family name and show that being born into wealth and status isn’t always a privilege.

1 House Clegane

No Clegane Remains To Continue The Bloodline

Game of Thrones Gregor Clegane

House Clegane served under House Lannister, the sons Gregor and Sandor being the most notable in the show. Fans might have noticed a lack of other members of this House during the show, and this is because the rest of the house was already dead.

The high mortality rates surrounding the Cleganes make it almost seem like the family is under the effects of a death curse, as all of its members eventually die, rendering the House completely extinct. Anyone born as a Clegane is sure to follow the same fate, simply by being part of the family.

2 Frey

There Is No Real Love Between Members Of This House

Game of Thrones Walder Frey

The Frey House are guardians of the River Crossing, which comes to be a powerful chess piece in the deadly game of thrones that happened between the Stark and Lannister families, and Walder Frey’s betrayal leads to one of the most shocking events to have ever been aired on TV.

Despite this, House Frey is still one of the worst anyone could ever be born into. There is no real love between any of the members, and fans could see the general discomfort and misery of Walder Frey’s many children, and any daughters born to him have the possibility of becoming his next, unfortunate bride. Not to mention, when Arya visits Frey to exact her vengeance, she does not spare any of his children along the way, serving Walder a literal dish of revenge.

3 Bolton

Being The Relative Of Ramsay Is Equally Dangerous And Terrifying

Game of Thrones, Ramsay Bolton, Rickon Stark

The Boltons were one of the Stark family’s longtime vassals until they participated in the infamous Red Wedding. Headed by the vicious Roose Bolton, his ruthlessness is only rivaled by his cruel and twisted son Ramsay. During his time on screen, Ramsay took visible delight in playing a deadly game with Rickon, assaulting Sansa on their wedding night, and torturing Theon endlessly.


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As such, being a Bolton would require being as sick and deranged as the father and the son, or else risk death and mutilation. What fans saw in the show gives people a taste of what a family member who falls out of Ramsay’s approval could be forced to endure.

4 Targaryen

Madness And Greatness Are Equal For Children Of This Doomed House

Daenerys Targaryen looks into a cave in Meereen Game Of Thrones

In Game of Thrones, the name Targaryen often summons memories of the Mad King before Robert Baratheon usurped him and seized the kingdom for himself. This malady is as likely to strike a Targaryen just as much as greatness, with one memorable quote from the show stating that each time a Targaryen child is born, the Gods toss a coin, deciding the fate of that unfortunate child.

Not only that but during the events of the show, Robert is hellbent on seeing the last remnants of the House of Dragons wiped from existence, making anyone with the name Targaryen a target. As such, anyone born into the family has to risk madness and the wrath of the current king.

5 Lannister

The House Of Lions Doesn’t Allow Room For Imperfections

Tywin Lannister on the Iron Throne

The Lannister House is one of the most prominent Houses in all of Westeros as well as one of the richest. Headed by the ruthless yet brilliant Tywin Lannister, he expects many great things from his children, and any faults, imperfections, or mistakes are not looked on kindly.


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Fans of the show see Tyrion bearing the weight of his father’s disapproval, and can only imagine how it would feel to be under his malignant eye at all times. Any born into the family are expected to be as mighty as a lion, wise as an owl, and strong as a bear, and any that fall short suffer the consequences. Not only that, the Lannisters have a lot of enemies, and anyone unlucky enough to be born into the family inherits all of them.

6 Stark

The House And Its Allies Learned The Bitterness Of Betrayal And Loss

Robb Stark and Catelyn Stark stand around their people

Out of all of the Houses in the Seven Kingdoms, House Stark might have gotten the worst end of the deal. Though the family itself seems like the ideal one to be born in with loving parents like Eddard and Catelyn, their war against the Lannisters cost them everything, and almost drove this mighty family to the brink of extinction. Ned, Robb, Catelyn, and Rickon are just a few casualties the House sustained, losing many more faithful allies and friends to death or betrayal.

As such, any Stark pup would be hard-pressed to find people they know they can trust as the Lannister’s golden grip slowly closes around the entire kingdom.

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