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Wuthering Waves Just Keeps Looking BETTER! New Trailer Reaction

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Wuthering Waves Jianxin trailer reaction time! This new trailer looks insane. I cannot wait for this game. I really hope this game lives up to the hype. For right now, my hype is continuing to raise to crazy levels! The animations look cool, and the enemies are very exciting to me as a Genshin Impact player


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14 days ago

Check out the Demon Spore Demo!
This game launches soon, so wish list it today after you play it for FREE #ad

14 days ago

Do we have a release date?

14 days ago

Welp with genshin present condition i switching too traumatizing for f2p I lost my 2 50/50 pulling for nahida I wanted her noty first time I'm already ar59 and at this point collecting characters is all that's left if I don't get them then meh

14 days ago

Dude! My man's hair looking good!

14 days ago

bro says so much without saying anything lol

14 days ago

The style is beautiful

14 days ago

Pls be better than genshin, pls be better than genshin, pls be better than genshin, pls be better than genshin…

14 days ago

Please quit Genshin completely and go to this forever

14 days ago

I am waiting for this game so i can finally quit genshin and move to WW so exited for this game

14 days ago

u need to watch the devnote, they really improved many things

14 days ago

Imagine they collab with some popular nostalgic anime studions like Naruto and the likes. "Imagine"

14 days ago


14 days ago

The game when it come out is gonna be great but my god you can really see how they only familiarized themselves with advertising because of how corny the whole video was. But good on them for actually market their product.

14 days ago

Is this a Gacha? If so its basically all ruined

14 days ago

POV: you didn't get it cbt2..


14 days ago

This looks amazing. The animation is top tier for gacha games and if the combat is as good as PGR this game is gonna go fuckin hard. I'm pretty stoked.

14 days ago

Genshin Killer has finally arrived

14 days ago

looks like 10 secnods of actual gameplay behind a whole lotta anime

14 days ago

Genshin Killer

14 days ago

I’m so excited, it feels like when I first saw genshin but not in a copy cat way like tower of fantasy if that makes sense.

14 days ago

“I wanna do the characters… the character guides” classic 😔

14 days ago

i get nervous playing new games like this since tower of fantasy because I lost my 5 stars from a hacker. It was so bad, players could just be near your character and steal it.

14 days ago

when is release?

14 days ago

Will this be on Mobile?

14 days ago

naah nope noch no Sir this does not look like a Genshin character trailer no Sir, this looks WAAAY better than a character trailer from Genshin, they do in game, minimum movement, boring talk talk talk with minimum hand movement trailer in Genshin, this one has actions in it!!!

14 days ago

the global release of this game make Hoyoverse give rewards in Genshin like there is no tomorrow and I cannot wait for WW to make hoyoverse sweat a bit

14 days ago

Yup I'm using her for sure.

14 days ago

She's gotta be top tier right? She's basically xiangling XD

14 days ago

Ik a lot of people/creators gonna leave Genshin and probably do this just hope they and cc like kektone and ratsu don’t bring their drama with it

14 days ago

More facial expression than Genshin. Hope it succeeds and more valuably cares for what its community wants

14 days ago

any news on when this game gonna release? maybe next year?

14 days ago

Hi, very sorry……i was deciding to play genshin again…..but am completely out of the game up to dates.
Just want to confirm is raiden+miko+mona+jean will work? So i might try to pull miko.
Please suggest me.

14 days ago

Not impressed by the character design. They're making the same mistake Genshin has made repeatedly, most notably with Xainyun, where the clothing color matches the hair too much. And the end result is a character that all blends together, becoming kinda meh.

And that poor choice of colors extends beyond the characters. Everything feels like there's a very limited palette. Things don't pop, don't contrast due to that, and I think that'll hurt the game's general appeal. Like the tea customer… dark grey hair, oh, look at his coat collar. Hey, he has a mustard colored shirt, so a hint of color, but wait, the cat matches that color. It makes things bland. Nothing in this trailer really interests me, overall.

That said, I do hope it does well, at the very least because Genshin needs actual competition so that its dev team has incentive to make the improvements the game needs.

But regardless, for both games: quit using the hair to determine the colors of the clothing.

14 days ago

Ye this was an awesome trailer! Can't wait for the cbt2 to play it myself!

14 days ago

I’m hoping so bad that this kills genshin

14 days ago

I always prefered PGR's art style to Genshin's. characters designs/proportions, shaders, animations and proportions basically everything. Downside is skins could cost up to 40dollars, hope the monetization isn't too bad

14 days ago

i know what u mean. I think the difference mainly stems from the texture. If u compare genshin and wuthering waves, i think genshin tries to make it seem more 2D than it is 3D. The most glaring difference in their facial expressions I believe is seen with their mouth. Someone correct me if im wrong tho

14 days ago

Its more mature

14 days ago

1:03 Genshin has no face definition, the Characters Faces all look so flat (you can not see the character's noses) unless you turn to their side profile. WuWa HAS FACE DEFINITION I'M IN LOVE!!!!

I WANT HER SO BAD! She looks so cool I'm so hyped for Wuthering Waves <3<3<3

14 days ago

Honestly really like her design, trailer was amazing too. The eye movement really sells it to me. Kuro is definitely cooking.

14 days ago

The character at 2:40 is voiced and acted with the same smug arrogance as Dr. Ratio. 1 Point!

14 days ago

The animation is good but I feel like it lacks something.

14 days ago

Omg lmao that was like food wars