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Xbox Announces “Business Update” For Next Week

But what will the update be?

When Microsoft entered the gaming console wars in the early 2000s, many people questioned whether the American-born company could draw in players to its system: the Xbox. After all, Sony and Nintendo had experience under their belts, and Sony was busting out the PS2, which would eventually become the best-selling video game system ever. Nintendo was still cranking out incredible 1st and 3rd party titles, which wouldn’t end by any stretch. So, could Microsoft stand on its own two feet and make an impact? The answer was “yes,” but not in the overarching way. After all, they’ve had plenty of bumps along the road.

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While they have launched “successful” console lines over the last 20+ years, their “success” has varied from system to system. Yes, you could argue that this has happened to Sony and Nintendo, but with Microsoft, it’s a much clearer case of “them trying to survive” versus them “just making mistakes from one generation to the next.” That voice was bolstered when Microsoft started buying up companies left and right, like Bethesda, Activision Blizzard, and more, to ensure they had the games and IPs to compete against their rivals. But in the last several days, news and rumors have many wondering if Microsoft will “reevaluate” what they’re doing in the console market.

It started with rumors that their exclusive titles might go third-party, and then rumors sprouted that the entire company might go third-party and stop making systems. It doesn’t help that they were a huge part of the 2024 layoffs that have happened so far. So the spotlight is on them to either prove they’re staying or state their “new business model” will be.

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According to various sources, that “revelation” will come next week when the “Xbox Business Update” arrives:

While there aren’t any clues as to what will happen, many expect Phil Spencer and others to come forward and highlight what the company will do. The fact that they’re calling this a “business update” versus a “showcase” like in January is very telling. This won’t necessarily be about game reveals but about the state of Xbox and what the console brand is “looking like” going into the main part of 2024.

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To be clear, no one should WANT them to go out of business or seriously downsize to “reflect their potential new status.” That will only make things worse. So, until the answers are given, take all “insights” with a grain of salt.

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