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Xbox Showcase: Leaks, Rumors and Predictions (2024)

Xbox hasn’t had the best of years but they find themselves in a position to be the show of the summer! In this video I break down a few xbox showcase leaks and rumors as well as what my predictions for the Xbox Showcase 2024 games will be!

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1 day ago
1 day ago

Where can I watch the original showcase

1 day ago

What if the shadow drop is the entire call of duty franchise going on gamepass, as it was unofficially confirmed that Xbox were indeed planning to put COD on gamepass at some point in late 2023/24

1 day ago

IDK. I have a PS5, 2TB SSD, & Playstation VR 1. I have around 3 dozen physical games & im looking to make a another big purchase. I have my eye on the supposed $399.99 all white, all digital Series X for Helblade 2 & Stalker 2…..and i might get Starfield & racing just for the heck of it. Then again, im keeping an eye out for a new iteration of PSVR2, like they did with every Sony device ever, including PSP, PSVR 1, PS1-PS5 etc. Or maybe even a slim model, because pancake lenses like Quest 3 has is becoming the industry standard, and PSVR 2 is still an awkward brick just like my 1st headset, and while lightweight, its still not ideal. Or even just different bundles like Alien & Metro……i have both Resident Evil games & No Mans Sky on PS5, & plan to buy more VR games, just not sure what ill pull the trigger on. Dont wanna spend $500 on xbox, dont want the Horizon VR bundle. Anyway ive rambled enough, what would yall do? 👋🏻

1 day ago


1 day ago

Never underestimate Xbox’s ability to disappoint its fans.

1 day ago

Really hope Avowed ends up being good. I was stoked by the initial teaser but everything shown since then has lessened my enthusiasm.

1 day ago

I’m enjoying the rollout of the show Lono. Upload, live talk, and Writer’s room. 👍 as for the showcase, I won’t hold my breath. We shall see.

1 day ago

Doom Dark Ages is the biggest priority for me! 🙂

1 day ago

For a change, you can talk solely about games from Xbox. But as always, you switch to "Xbox Games will be coming to PS5". Boring….

1 day ago

Considering xbox has no games and the ones they do have are mediocre, the port begging for them is starting to get unreal.

1 day ago

How is there not a halo every 2-3 years.

1 day ago

Microsoft are keeping tight lipped this time, think we are going to see some things dropping that nobody is expecting at all. Maybe World of Warcraft for console? Some old games making a comeback also like Project Gotham Racing and maybe a new Prototype.

1 day ago

Project latitude is a bad project unless they limit which games will go over

1 day ago

nice video bro

1 day ago

All the people cry for xbox games on playstation and i know why , the reason is clear Playstation right now dont have games , Sony is slowly losing the touch thaf they have and Microsoft is going to safe them from the dead

1 day ago

An xbox handheld will be the best thin in years , i hope is true .

1 day ago

all they need to show is 2 games to beat the state of poo show

1 day ago

I hope avoewed is shadow dropped

1 day ago

Keighley won't put MGS Delta on SGF. It's probably be at the Xbox Showcase

1 day ago

One of the best video about this showcase, well done bro

1 day ago

If Halo comes to ps5 concord would be DOA

1 day ago

Octopath Traveler 2 will be announced day 1 game pass, FFXVI makes sense too as a future release for the system. SquareEnix will be felt this conference for Microsoft.

1 day ago

Could also be the end of xbox as we know it if they main franchises go to PS5.

1 day ago

Lono rules

1 day ago

All I'm hoping to see is, more information about age of mythology retold

1 day ago

A Gears Collection and an Xbox handheld actually sounds very exciting. Xbox needs a damn win!