Zelda Breath Of The Wild: 10 Pro Tips For Playing In Master Mode

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of the most popular games on the Nintendo Switch and was improved upon by a notable DLC called The Master Trials. It adds several things to Breath of the Wild like The Trial of the Sword, Hero’s Path Mode, and the more difficult Master Mode. This final mode is not for the faint of heart as it increases the difficulty of the game by altering some of its mechanics.

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Many players feel they are up for the challenge, but there are some tips and tricks they should follow to be successful. It can be frustrating to continually fail to make progress because of a lack of knowledge. Keep reading to learn some tips on how to be successful in Master Mode!

10 Never Fall Back After An Attack

The enemies in Master Mode also regenerate health, which only adds to the difficulty of attempting to kill them. One of the best tips is to never fall back after landing an attack but to keep pushing no matter the cost. If a player decides to do single hits instead of combos, they will find themselves at a loss as the opponent continually regenerates their health to keep the battle going.

9 Add Inventory Slots

It has already been mentioned how enemies are stronger in this mode, which means weapons will wear down faster than before. It is a good idea for a player to expand their inventory early on by collecting Korok Seeds in order to have room to carry more weapons. Major battles will make this even more obvious as more weapons will be needed in order to take down an opponent.

8 Avoid Fights Early On In The Game

One key aspect of the enemies in this mode is that all of them are leveled up, making them harder to defeat. This is critical information at the beginning of the game as a player is forced to take on opponents with just a couple of sticks. It is often best to just avoid confrontation altogether until weapons have been upgraded enough to make enemies to defeat.

7 Break Old Habits

This mode is usually not attempted until a player completes the game in normal mode, and this can create some difficulties of its own. Players will have grown used to using upgraded weapons and armor, as well as runes, to help them stay alive and defeat bigger monsters.

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They will have to revert their playstyle back to what it was prior to them accumulating all of these nice things. It can be difficult to do at first, but keeping this knowledge in the back of a player’s head can help them avoid any unnecessary hardship early on.

6 Perfect Defensive Maneuvers

The one thing players will have wanted to perfect prior to entering Master Mode is their defensive maneuvers. This means that dodges and guards should be perfect or nearly there every time in order to avoid taking damage. It will take patience and practice in order to make sure one has this skill nailed down.

5 Play Smarter, Not Harder

A big difference between those who succeed in this mode compared to those who don’t is the use of their intelligence. This is another pro tip that is useful early on in the game when a player’s weapons are not as strong. The environment itself contains several fixtures that can help in a fight, like boulders or explosive barrels, and these should be used to wear down an enemy before going in for a more direct attack.

4 Use Majora’s Mask

Majora’s Mask is a useful tool in this mode and can be found during the Ancient Mask side quest. It is an incredibly useful item that has several different qualities that make it desirable for players in Master Mode.

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The major benefit is that wearing it will prevent major enemies from attacking, like the Lynel, giving a player time to escape or approach them with ease. Pros often recommend finding this sooner than later as it can help a player out of some pretty sticky situations.

3 Seek Out The Hidden Chests

The hidden chests might not seem like a big deal in normal mode, but Master Mode poses its own set of challenges. These chests can give a player much-needed weapons and arrows that will assist them in battle. It will make the game a lot easier, however, as all of these chests start to add up over the course of the game.

2 Be On The Lookout For New Enemies

Master Mode not only makes the current enemies more difficult to defeat, but it also introduces new enemies to the playing field. The worst of them is the Golden Lynel, which is even harder to defeat than the already tough White Lynel. Sky Octoroks are also seen holding planks that usually carry enemies on their platforms.

1 Stealth Is Often The Best Option

Normal mode gives players the ability to attack enemies head-on from the start, but Master Mode changes this style of play. Players should focus on being more stealthy to either sneak past enemies or do damage before going in for a bigger attack. Stealth is one of the best pieces of advice for Master Mode as it turns Breath of the Wild into a more strategy-based game.

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