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Zenless Zone Zero – Official Gameplay | gamescom 2023

Watch over six minutes of new Zenless Zone Zero gameplay from HoYoverse’s upcoming fantasy action RPG. Check out Zenless Zone Zero’s world and meet some of its characters, including General Chop and Asha . This new gameplay shows us how Drive Tuning works at the Music Store and gives us a peek at some minigames at the Arcade. We also get a good look at a tense boss fight and see some of Zenless Zone Zero’s combat in action.

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18 days ago

reminiscent of dislyte

18 days ago

game feels like a chore lol so much time wasting watching animations and clicking

18 days ago

Bitcoin mining sim from China woo

18 days ago

Hopefully THIS one gets an Xbox Release. Judging by the Button Icons, it should be that case. Here's hoping!

18 days ago

Asian game love it

18 days ago

Already feeling the soundtrack, its a bop ❤ 🔥

18 days ago

Finally some gameplay looks great

18 days ago

This game looks amazing to bad it’s probably just a free to play gotcha fest like their other games 🥺

18 days ago

Woah can’t wait to play this bitcoin mining game that takes over your pc that was developed through slave labor! Love China!

18 days ago

Can't wait