Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team’s Next Dream storyline is expanding with new chapters

Klab Inc has just announced a new expansion to its head-to-head football sim Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team. The game will add new chapters to Next Dream, the original story that features Yoichi Takahashi, the author of Captain Tsubasa. Next Dream began in September 2021 with the prologue introducing players to transfer destinations and more. Then, another update in February furthered the story, detailing where the protagonists were headed and saw the conclusion of the prologue.

Next Dream follows the events after the Madrid Olympics in Captain Tsubasa Rising Sun, which is set to appear in the Grand Jump special edition Captain Tsubasa Magazine (Shueisha). Throughout the story, familiar characters will be seen taking up new roles while new characters will also appear on the side. Today’s expansion finally introduces players to the main story of Next Dream as the league matches for each country are beginning. The stage is finally set and the characters will take on each other as the competition begins. From now on, new scenarios will be added every month.

Next Story began with Tsubasa Oozara receiving offers from overseas clubs to play for European teams, Genzo Wakabayashi lost his opportunity to play in Hamburg, Kojiro Hyuga faced issues in Italy, and Taro Misaki’s accident destroyed his dream of going to France. All of them are going to make their comeback somehow and it won’t be something players want to miss. The upcoming battle is in the German League where all our heroes will go against each other. The entire story will be available in the app itself and requires minimal gameplay without having to complete matches and events.

The Next Dream will constantly be updated. Stay on track by downloading Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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