Final Fantasy 14’s FF16 crossover, with a Torgal mount and minion up for grabs, kicks off tomorrow

Final Fantasy 14’s crossover with Final Fantasy 16, as teased last year, arrives tomorrow. The crossover between the MMO and latest single-player entry in the RPG series has the usual selection of goodies up for grabs, including a very cute minion, a not-so-cute (but still kind of cute) mount, some Clive-cleavage armour and more.

The FFXVI/XIV crossover event was announced by Naoki ‘Yoshi-P’ Yoshida – FF14 director and FF16 producer – during last year’s Final Fantasy Fan Fest in London.

As we discovered at the time, the level 50 quest will offer gear inspired by FF16 hero Clive Rosfield’s pecs-showcasing armour in a set of Metian glamours, as well as loyal wolfhound Torgal as both a rideable mount (in fully-grown form) and adorable minion (in wee pup form).

Alongside the headline goodies, there’s a Clive Triple Triad card and a load of orchestration rolls based on 16’s pretty excellent soundtrack, also composed by FF14 composer Masayoshi Soken.


The Path Infernal event takes inspiration from Clive’s connection to fire deity Ifrit, but if you’re yet to play FF16 (which is likely, given it’s not out on PC just yet) there’s no need to hold off from playing this quest in the meantime, as Yoshia said it shouldn’t spoil “much” of 16’s story.

If you’re curious, you’ve got until May 8th to finish the quest and grab the gear. That’s probably not quite enough time to hold out for FF16’s release, but who knows – it’s apparently close!

You can find starting quest A Land on Fire in Ul’dah’s Steps of Nald, though you’ll need to be level 50 and have finished main scenario quest The Ultimate Weapon – the end of base game A Realm Reborn – to get things rolling.

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