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Flavors of Mayhem Fallout 76 guide

Flavors of Mayhem is a Main Quest that can be started by speaking to Rose on the third floor of Top of the World, after completing Signal Strength


Quest Rewards

  • (9) Syringer Ammo
  • (5) Explosive Bait
  • Sack Hood with Straps
  • Stimpak
  • RadAway
  • Black Diamond

Testing Rose’s Syringer


For your first task, Rose wants you to upgrade and test her new Karma Syringer. She will give you the Syringer, as well as some of the required materials. Go to the nearest Weapons Bench (there is one in one of the shops on the second floor of Top of the World). You will need Psycho, Glowing Resin, and Firecracker Berry. Once you craft the gun Rose will offer up your next task: testing the new gun on a Yao Guai.


You can find a Yao Guai at a campsite north of the Monangah Power Plant. It will spawn in the middle of the camp, right next to the overlook. You must start by shooting the Yao Guai with the Karma Syringer, which will make it incredibly strong for one minute. You can either run away, or jump up on top of the nearby outhouses to avoid its attacks. Once the Karma drugs wear off the Yao Guai will become incredibly weak, and you can finally take it down.

Making Explosive Bait


Next up Rose will task you with crafting and using some Explosive Bait. The recipe to make Explosive Bait requires Radstag Meat, Adhesive, Copper, and a Fragmentation Mine. All of these materials can be found in a quest marked Explosives Crate west of ATLAS Observatory, and east of Monongah Power Plant.


With the crafting materials in hand, head to any Tinkerer’s Bench and make the Explosive Bait. Once you have the bait in hand your next objective will be to use it on a wild animal. Head to the circle marked on your map, far to the southwest of Top of the World, and northwest of Whitespring Resort. Toss out the bait and wait for an enemy to set it off to complete this objective.


Make Friends with a Deathclaw


Once you have successfully baited an enemy with your explosives, Rose will request you head out and make friends with a Deathclaw. You can find a Deathclaw spawn quest marked on your map, just west of Top of the World. Head over and make your way down the cliffside where you will encounter the Deathclaw.


To “make friends” you need to get within melee range then hit the command when it appears. The Deathclaw will become passive for a few seconds, then continue attacking. At this point Rose gives you the option to either kill the Deathclaw or run away. Feel free to kill it for some extra loot, but the quest will progress either way (remember you can use Rose’s Karma Syringer to defeat Deathclaw in the same way you did the Yao Guai).

Steal from a Super Mutant Camp


Next on Rose’s grocery list is some high powered gear that she wants to see you steal from a Super Mutant camp. You can find that gear at Crevasse Dam, a Super Mutant infested camp located in The Mire, far to the east of ATLAS Observatory. Make sure you bring along the Firenbreather’s Helmet, or some other form of protective headgear because there is poor air quality in The Mire.


Once you reach the Crevasse Dam carefully clear out the Super Mutants waiting there. There is a chance for a dangerous Legendary Super Mutant to spawn as well, so make sure you are carrying some Stimpaks or other healing items. If you are having trouble defeating them you can always bait them into the parking lot then throw grenades at them. You can deal extra damage by blowing up any vehicles they are standing by.


Once all the Super Mutants are defeated, grab whatever loot you want from the dam and head up to the roof. There you will find a throne with a dead body. On the body you will find a set of truck keys that can be used to unlock a large truck sitting behind the dam. Inside the truck you will find a Missile Launcher as well as a set of Power Armor. Looting these items will satisfy Rose’s latest objective, allowing you to begin the final part of the quest.


Kill a Feral Ghoul

Rose’s final task is pretty simple: kill one Feral Ghoul. You will see an area marked on your quest where you can find a Feral Ghoul, but any Ghoul will do. Kill one and Rose will consider your objective complete, but she will also challenge you to eat the Ghoul as well. If you have the Cannibal Perk Card you can equip it and eat the Ghoul for some extra experience. Either way, head back and talk to Rose at Top of the World to complete the quest and get the next one, Keys to the Past.


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