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Game deal/bundle banner feed at the top fixed!

If you came here for the game bundles and deals that scroll across the page at the top below the menu you may have noticed that for a good while when you would try to go visit the deal it was long over, sometime being more than a year old! That was because we started pulling from reddit. It seemed like a good idea at the time until we could not get our puller to pull only the new post, so what it was essentially doing was pulling EVERY post from that subreddit no matter how old it was.

That was obviously a problem! We had to wind up resorting to pulling from reddit because the feed from epic bundle died. Or at least it died for us. Thankfully though we have found a new place to pull from that seems to be generating exactly what we are looking for! News on current and new bundles, and here and there info on really good deals on singular games and that’s all thanks to gg deals! When you click view source it will take you to their site and from there just click the view deal button and you will go directly to the happening deal!

Sorry it took us so long to fix this problem, we really were stuck in the water for a while on this one.

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