Lethal Company gets VR mod while developer works on actual enemies – “enjoy this pre-invasion time”

Lethal Company – the game in which you exit a dropship, enter an abandoned factory, pick up exactly one (1) piece of salvage, and are immediately eaten by something made entirely of teeth – is getting a VR mod. Created by DaXcess and rodabafilms, it will surely only make life more oppressive for people deserted by their co-op buddies and left to fend off giant spiders with a shovel, not that I’d know what that’s like.

Here’s some test footage. Don’t worry, the player makes it all the way to the end intact. No jump scares, I promise!

(Hang on a tick – that Xitter account swiped our headline! See for yourself!)

Lethal Company continues to enjoy levels of success most solo game developers can only dream of, peaking at 132,928 Steam players today and settling between Baldur’s Gate 3 and GTA 5 on the platform’s Most Played charts. Creator Zeekerss’ plans for the game include a new NPC type that appears to be an actual opposing faction of some kind, rather than just a temperamental local beastie. Also, the NPC in question will be appropriate to the season. Is it Santa Claus? What have you done to Santa, Zeekerss – given him tentacles?

“Been weeks since I started planning for it, but I just noticed the next enemy is seasonal!” reads a tweet from a few days ago. “I wanted them to be in the game at release And no, these ones will not be “creatures” as I refer to the rest. These are Enemies. Antagonists. Combatants. Foes. Enjoy this pre-invasion time”.

Other things in the works for Lethal Company include new tools, cosmetics and moon maps to explore. The game launched into early access in late October, and Zeekerss hopes to release the 1.0 version in around six months.

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