Metal: Hellsinger VR re-tools the rhythm shooter for headbanging in a headset

Rhythm shooter Metal: Hellsinger has you circle-strafing Quake-style level layouts at high-speed while you shoot demons to the beat. I meet the news that it’s getting a VR version this year with some trepidation, therefore. Do I really want to vomit on the beat?

Metal: Hellsinger VR – Announcement Trailer

Metal: Hellsinger VR announcement trailer.

Metal: Hellsinger VR contains “everything you’ve come to know and love” from the original game, according to the announcement. That includes the original campaign and soundtrack. It has been “rebuilt” however to take advantage of VR, with 2D menus replaced by a hub area, the ability to aim your dual pistols independently, and so on.

My fears about wretching on the downbeat are a little soothed by news that it will support roomscale VR, using the joystick, as well as both standing and seated play. There’s no mention of teleporting movement, however, so perhaps you really will need to be moving at locomotive speeds and hurling through the air towards hellbeasts in more ways than one.

The Steam page is live now and it’s due to release sometime in 2024.

I enjoyed Metal: Hellsinger when I reviewed it in 2022. I’m not a huge metal fan, but it’s a fun shooter that applies lessons about health management from nu-Doom. It’s had fun updates since, too, including pop music DLC.

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