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Play as a goat who scams people in Grift: Scam Tycoon

Dress up bots, scam your targets and get your revenge.

Despite how imaginative you may be, you’ve probably never thought, “Hey, you know what this world needs? A game about a scam artist goat.” However, that’s exactly what developer Bodeville is bringing to the table.

Grift: Scam Tycoon is a dress-up simulation game in which you play as a goat named Henry Horns. Once, Henry was just an innocent goat who fell in love online. However, soon, his love found themselves in a desperate situation and asked Henry for money. Naively, Henry sent his love the money, and she soon disappeared from social media. Heartbroken and scammed out of his money, Henry Horns now cares for only one thing – revenge.

As Henry, you’ll scam people on social media while looking to get revenge on your nemesis, Gwendolyn Goat. Throughout the game, you’ll interact with more than 40 unique characters with varying backstories. You’ll dress up bots and use them to scam social media users. As you progress, you’ll unlock new conversations and find new ways to interact with your victims. Like any good scammer, you’ll need to build your target’s trust.

Grift: Scam Tycoon also features tons of accessories for you to unlock, mix and match. You can use these accessories to dress your scam bots to suit the tastes of your target. Chat up your victims on social media, gain their trust and manage your many scams.

Bodeville is a small game developer founded by ex-Pokemon Go developers Alexia Mandeville and Bo Boghosian. The developer released its first title, Chief Emoji Officer, in 2023. You can now play the demo for the developer’s upcoming narrative puzzle adventure, Watchmaker, on Steam.

Grift: Scam Tycoon is now available on the App Store and Google Play. To learn more about Grift: Scam Tycoon, check out Bodeville’s official website or follow the developer on X (Twitter) or Discord.

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