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Save up to 90% off games for your Steam Deck with the new Humble Store sale!

There are dozens of items, including AAA games, to choose from!

The Humble Store has launched a sale that’s perfect for Steam Deck or handheld gaming device owners. The ongoing Handheld Heavyweights Sale offers significant discounts on many games optimized for portable play.

For example, you can get Street Fighter 6 for $39.59, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective for $19.79, or Cult of the Lamb for $16.24. You can also find deals on older titles. GRIS is now priced at $3.74, and Shadow Warrior 2 is available for only $2.99. Plus, Humble Choice subscribers can enjoy an extra 20% off their purchases.

Check out the complete list of offers below. The Handheld Heavyweights Sale on the Humble Store runs until April 4, 2024.

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