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Sky: Children of the Light celebrates fifth-anniversary with Skyfest celebration

  • Sky: Children of the Light is a social MMO developed by thatgamecompany
  • It’s also been a critical darling and recipient of our Pocket Gamer People’s Choice Award
  • Now the game is celebrating its fifth anniversary with a major celebration called Skyfest

Sky: Children of the Light, the award-winning social adventure game from thatgamecompany, has hit its fifth anniversary and is set to celebrate the milestone with a new celebration called Skyfest. Taking place in Tokyo, Japan, fans will be able to revisit recreations of the game’s environments, see developer presentations, find exclusive merchandise and more to enjoy!

Thatgamecompany has also scheduled a mysterious special announcement set to take place during Skyfest.

It seems a testament to the longevity and popularity of Sky: Children of the Light, a game that’s had praise heaped on it for being an accessible and fun game for all ages that it can endeavour to host a massive physical event like Skyfest. Fortunately, if you can’t make it to Japan, you can also check out in-game events, online streams of developer Q&As and more at your leisure!

The sky’s the limit

We don’t like to toot our own horn about games that have won an award from us doing well…and we won’t, especially since Sky: Children of the Light didn’t even need us to give them one – it was quite literally the People’s Choice! Hence why they’re likely hosting this event to connect with and thank the fans that fuelled their success.

We’re equally intrigued to see what this mysterious ‘special announcement’ is. Although more than likely it’s either a major expansion or perhaps a sequel to Sky: Children of the Light. We certainly think there’ll be plenty of fans that’ll enjoy Skyfest for the recreations of the game in the real world, and the chance to see and meet the devs who had a hand in creating the much-loved game as well.

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