Stray: How To Find Clementine At The Nightclub

After Clementine runs away from her apartment in Stray, it’s the players’ job to find the robot at the next location, the Nightclub.


The Nightclub is only accessible after players steal the Atomic Battery from Neco Corp Factory and decode the Mysterious Message Clementine left at its apartment in Stray. Getting inside the club is also difficult since there’s a bouncer guarding the entrance. But, if the Cat speaks to one robot in line, it reveals that there’s another way in.

Upon getting inside, players will see many Companions having fun but no Clementine in sight. Later it’s revealed that the Outsider is inside another section of the club. Just make sure to collect all the memories and scratch the special Stray item in the Nightclub before leaving.

How To Find Clementine At The Nightclub

Clementine can be found in the VIP section at the Nightclub with Blazer in Stray. Players need to use one of the dancers’ hologram projectors as an elevator to get to the top floor. First, speak with the Bartender who’ll confirm that Blazer rented out the entire VIP section, which caused some customers to be upset. Next, grab the Strange Drink that’s sitting on the far corner of the bar.

Upon exploring the DJ stage, players will find out that the hologram projector near the blue DJ can be brought down using a lever, but it will get them nowhere. The one near DJ Matcee on the other hand doesn’t have a lever in the first place.

On the right side of the DJ stage, there’s a green robot who’s holding a broken lever. Talk to it to find out that its name is Fripp, and the customer is one of the few who got kicked out from the VIP. So, it stole the lever as revenge. Luckily, Fripp agrees to hand the Cat the broken lever, if the Stray feline agrees to bring a drink for the cyborg. Players already have one so give it the Strange Drink and return to the stage to place the lever in its place.

Pull the lever then jump on the closed hologram projector and wait for DJ Matcee to pull the lever again to re-open the projector, thus moving the Cat upward to the second floor. Once players arrive, there will be three buttons and each one drops some lights which can be used as platforms to reach the VIP section. To solve the puzzle, press:

  • The one on the right
  • The one in the middle
  • The one on the left
  • The one in the middle again

Proceed to the VIP section only to witness a shocking sight, Clementine tied up to a chair. Blazer will then appear along with Sentinels and both the Outsider and the Stray Cat will be taken to jail, marking the end of chapter 10.


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