Stray – How To Use Subway Key To Start Train

To start the Subway key, you need Atomic Battery and Subway key. Although you get these by progressing through chapters, some players are confused about when to use them. So, follow these steps below to start the train:

  • Once you get the key from Clementine, get down the stairs to see the Subway.
  • Pass through the door of the Subway and head right where you will see stairs leading you down.
  • As you hop down, follow the trail of the power cable to find the Control Panel. This control panel powers up the entire Subway.

stray how to use subway key to start train

  • So, interact and use the Atomic battery to charge up the Subway train.
  • Now, as the Subway is all charged up, climb the stairs and head back to Subway.
  • Head to the front and use the Subway key to start the train.


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