Stray Super Spirit laundry detergent location – how to get it

We know you might be asking why you’d need to know how to get the Super Spirit Laundry detergent in Stray, as a cat who probably doesn’t do a lot of laundry, but this is actually quite an important part of the game. It might seem like an optional side quest at first, but this is going to be an important part of progressing the game.

So, it’s okay if you need a hand with it – you’re not alone on that front. Here’s what you need to do to get your paws on this surprisingly important in-game item.



If you need to get your hands on this item in-game, here’s everything you need to know about how you can get Super Spirit Laundry detergent in Stray:

  • Look for the Super Spirit Laundry in the centre of the Slums
  • Find your way onto the roof
  • Meow at a paint-throwing robot
  • Head into Super Spirit Laundry and find the detergent in the window

When you stumble across Super Spirit Laundry, you’ll notice that it’s actually locked at first. In order to start the process of unlocking the right door, you’ll need to first talk to the owner.

The owner of Super Spirit Laundry will complain about two robots throwing paint cans on the roof of the building – so, you have to get up there to sort them out. Finding your way onto the roof isn’t too hard, but you’ll need to keep an eye out for the button prompts that allow you to jump and climb up the right path.

When you’re on the roof itself, meow at one of the robots as they’re about to throw a paint can to cause them to drop it into the alleyway below.

Then, when you head back down to street level, the owner of Super Spirit Laundry will head out into the alleyway to clean up the spilt paint – leaving the previously-locked door wide open. You can then head inside. Once inside, jump up into the windowsill, which is where the detergent is located. Grab it and skedaddle.

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