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Suika Game, a watermelon-making mix-n-match, is now in pre-registration

  • Suika Game is finally making the jump to mobile with the opening of pre-registration for Android
  • Soon you’ll be able to play the hit fruit-matching game in the palm of your hand
  • Suika game originally released for (no joke) a digital projector

Suika Game, a new spin on the match and merge genres is now in pre-registration. The game has previously been released for the Nintendo Switch and the…Aladdin X projector (don’t ask, we don’t know either) and follows on from the same kind of mixing gameplay that we found quite intriguing with Galaxy Mix. Now, you’ll be able to play it in the palm of your hand!

Alright so, joking aside, the story of Suika Game is even more interesting than the gameplay. Suika Game was originally released as an exclusive app for the Aladdin X projector, before making the jump to the Nintendo Switch. There, it’s reported, the game suddenly shot to viral fame in Japan after a few years of languishing in obscurity thanks to the attention of streamers.

I carried a watermelon

Gameplay-wise, Suika Game is a deceptively simple matching game where you drop fruits onto one another, mixing and matching them in order to form a watermelon. It’s simple and effective, and with the addition of monthly rankings and some ridiculously high scores that can be attained, it’s no wonder the game has become such a viral hit. It’s almost baffling that Suika Game hasn’t made the jump to mobile before, given how popular matching games are, but at the same time, we anticipate that that’ll just push it to even greater levels of popularity than before.

There’s also something to be said for Suika Game proving that even being released on a virtually unknown platform (a digital projector, really?) can’t keep a good game down.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for other games to play while waiting for Suika Games’ release, you’ll be glad to know that this year is already stacked. Check out our list of the top mobile games of 2024 (so far) to find hidden gems and major releases you may have missed.

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