This 180Hz Acer gaming monitor is yours for $109.99

It’s awesome that you can get a great high refresh rate gaming monitor for not much over $100 these days. Take this Acer Nitro XF243Y M3bmiiprx – it’s a 24-inch 1080p 180Hz display, yours for a very reasonable $100 after a $90 discount at Best Buy in the US.

Besides its really long and hard-to-write name, the Nitro XF243Y is a solid performer. Its Fast IPS screen is rated for a rapid 0.5ms response time at its highest setting, indicating a strong level of motion clarity, while the higher-than-normal 180Hz refresh rate is ideal for esports titles like Valorant, Counter-Strike 2 and League of Legends.

The 1080p resolution is a good fit for a screen this size, and doesn’t demand a huge amount of GPU horsepower to get high frame-rates compared to more demanding 1440p and 4K displays. Another gaming feature is FreeSync and (software) G-Sync compatibility, which means that you can smooth out uneven frame-rates while eliminating judder and screen tearing – always nice to have.

As with other IPS screens, viewing angles are wide and colour reproduction is good, with an impressive 99 percent coverage of the most commonly used SDR colour space, sRGB. Brightness and contrast are only OK though, with a rated 250 nits brightness and a contrast ratio of around 1000:1. That means fully black pixels still look a little grey, versus the deeper blacks of VA or OLED panels, but these screen types have their own drawbacks. Overall, I’d say that IPS is still the best choice for most people that want to play a range of game genres while also using their PCs for work.

Overall, this is a great screen for 1080p gaming and highly recommended at this reduced $110 price point!

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