This budget dual-fan CPU tower cooler is down to £15.90 at Amazon UK

If you’re on the lookout for a powerful yet inexpensive CPU cooler, this discounted option from Thermalright might be a good shout. It’s down to £15.90 from £18.90, turning an already good value CPU cooler equipped with two fans into an absolute bargain.

This CPU cooler ought to be powerful enough to deal with all but the very hottest CPUs – think Intel’s Core i9 models that often require a 240mm AiO liquid cooler or better to sustain a full all-core load. For gaming, CPUs tend to be much more underutilised even when you’re CPU-limited (eg at 1080p and a high refresh rate), so the resultant thermal load will also be lower and this CPU cooler ought to do alright even with a Core i9 14900K.

For basically every other consumer CPU out there, the Thermalright Assassin X 120R SE Plus will be more than capable of handling even sustained all-core workloads, such as when you’re transcoding video, compiling code or rendering a 3D scene using your CPU.

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