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Tower of God introduces Ha Yuri and Lero Ro in spring-themed update

Tower of God: New World releases spring 2024 update with two new teammates, the revolution and floor of tests modes, and other events

  • SSR+ [Regular] Ha Yuri and SSR [Regular] Lero Ro join the fray
  • New Revolution system inspired by the webtoon added
  • Several story events and other activities available as well

Netmarble has just released a new update for Tower of God: New World, which brings a bouquet of fresh content to the collectible mobile RPG. With the conclusion of the winter season, it’s time to welcome the season of renewal with this Flowery Spring patch featuring new teammates, story chapters, and a bunch of events.

Two new teammates are available as part of Tower of God: New World’s latest update. First up is SSR+ [Regular] Ha Yuri, a Green Element, Assassin, and Scout whose targeting abilities and continuous attack stills are known to everyone. SSR [Regular] Lero Ro on the other is a Green Element, Support, and Light Bearer who supports his allies with increased Magic Pierce.

Experience the Revolution system, inspired by the original webtoon’s concept, allowing you to enhance your teammates with bonus stats using Revolution Fragments. In addition, explore the new Floor of Tests to obtain the Ignition Weapons, Abgrund and Idea, which offer exceptional HP recovery and Critical Damage boosts.

A wide variety of events are going live in TOG: NW’s spring-themed update. Join the Story Event “A Scarf in the Flowery Spring – When You Came to Visit Part 1” to unravel the adventures of young Ha Yuri and Lero Ro. You will earn valuable rewards like Shining Revolution Fragments and Suspendium along the way.

Why not take a peek at this Tower of God: New World tier list to find out who the best characters are?

Don’t miss out on the Event Exchange Shop, Check-In Event, and Daily Festival Event, where you can score SSR [Regular] Lero Ro, and Rare Whetstones, among other rewards. Test your skills in the Event Boss Supergiant Worm or celebrate April Fools’ Day with the Untrustworthy Door Event, where choosing the right door leads to doubled rewards.

A lot of content is blossoming in Tower of God: New World this spring. Experience it for yourself by downloading the game using your preferred link below.

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