(BUNDLES) game deal finding app!

I created this app to help me easily find game bundles and deals.  It pulls information from a number of different websites. With a few toola included in the menu section to help further your searches in finding better deals.  When a new bundle or deal update is posted the app will send a notification right to your phone.  It is a very handy app. read more


John Wick Hex devs got roughed up by the movie’s stunt team in the name of authenticity

John Wick has been expanding across mediums since the first movie’s breakout success, and John Wick Hex sees that process hit the world of videogames. A big part of the movie series’ style is its stunts, and capturing that work accurately in John Wick Hex gameplay meant the developers needed to work closely with the film’s stunt coordinators – and occasionally get a little roughed up by them. read more


Here’s when to expect the Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Eden raid

The launch of the next Final Fantasy XIV expansion is just a couple of weeks away, but not everything is set to launch right on the Shadowbringers release date. You’ll have to wait a bit for the raid, Square Enix has announced when to expect the post-launch content alongside a new developer live stream. read more


Teamfight Tactics is set for tomorrow’s League of Legends PBE – here’s gameplay

Teamfight Tactics is getting out to League of Legends players in the very near future – barring any development mishaps, you’ll be able to dive in as of June 18 on the PBE, meaning that it’s a very big week for official takes on the Auto Chess concept. Dota Underlords went out to Battle Pass owners last week, and now Riot has brought us a bunch of TFT gameplay footage through a number of League streamers and YouTubers. read more


Cyberpunk 2077 Demo Footage Coming During PAX West

Cyberpunk 2077 is getting plenty of press and for good reason, it’s an incredibly hyped and anticipated video game title. However, there are still little bits and pieces of the title that are kept away from the public for press eyes only. If you can recall back in E3 2018, there was a behind closed doors media viewing of the game from the development studio CD Projekt Red. This was a nearly hour-long piece of footage showing off some of the gameplay aspects and while some leaks and teases from media were given out from what they witnessed, the developers didn’t showcase the game demo until a short while later. read more


CD Projekt Red Confirms Cyberpunk 2077 Will Have Multiple Endings

One of the most anticipated video game titles going into E3 2019 was Cyberpunk 2077. The video game was a highlight last year during E3 2018 and shortly afterward we got the long gameplay demo for gamers worldwide. However, one of the key components that gamers may find interesting with Cyberpunk 2077 is the choices the game will offer players. For instance, we know that there are multiple ways to go through certain missions and you can apparently opt to not even kill anyone through the entire game, which we imagine may be quite the challenge. read more


You can collect cars in Cyberpunk 2077, and have an AI drive your favourite to you

Cyberpunk 2077 offers a big city to explore, and that means you’ll need a ride to get around. We learned last year that you can steal vehicles and drive them through Night City, but now we have a lot more detail on how you can keep and manage your future car collection – and what happens when your favourite vehicle gets lost. read more


Sounds like Rainbow Six Siege is getting a Wild West bank robbery event

Last month, a number of Wild West skins for Rainbow Six Siege slipped out (along with the Smoke Elite), and it’s starting to look like all that cowboy gear is coming alongside a brand new event that pits lawmen against bandits on the wild frontier. Leaked audio from the event has now hit the internet, and it sounds like it’ll have an outlaw team defending a gold stash against a team looking to take it back. read more