(BUNDLES) game deal finding app!

I created this app to help me easily find game bundles and deals.  It pulls information from a number of different websites. With a few toola included in the menu section to help further your searches in finding better deals.  When a new bundle or deal update is posted the app will send a notification right to your phone.  It is a very handy app. read more


This is what an Overwatch Story mode could look like

We can all agree that Overwatch has a rich and diverse cast and setting – it even has some pretty interesting lore. However, some fans have felt frustrated that the majority of the competitive shooter’s storytelling is relegated to peripheral content, outside of the core game, in the form of animated shorts, comics, short stories and so on. read more


Rainbow Six Siege’s latest TTS update nerfs Caveira into oblivion

A new update has just arrived on Rainbow Six Siege’s test server and it’s brought with it an enormous nerf to Caveira. A post on the game’s subreddit last night details the changes, which Ubisoft says are to ensure the defensive Brazilian operator embodies a particularly stealthy role. read more


Nvidia researchers have built Fallout’s Mr. Handy IRL, powered by its Titan GPUs

Nvidia’s brand new robotics research lab has created the ‘mobile manipulator’, a robotic arm on wheels that utilises deep learning protocols to help you out in the kitchen. While it lacks the nuclear element from Fallout’s floating butler, Nvidia’s Mr. Manipulator (as it shall henceforth be known only to me) has the ability to open and close kitchen drawers, move objects, help you cook, and even clear a dining room table. read more

Hacker News

Flight Booking System Flaw Affected Customers of 141 Airlines Worldwide

Almost half of the fight travelers around the world were found exposed to a critical security vulnerability discovered in online flight ticket booking system that allowed remote hackers to access and modify their travel details and even claim their frequent flyer miles. read more


This horror dev reimagined Hotline Miami as a PS1-era classic

Hotline Miami is wonderful. Dennaton’s 2012 indie hit was a top-down murder spree, chucking you into a house of bad guys with little to no context and not letting you out until you’d battered every ne’er do well in there to paste. It was a bloodbath, sure, but there was something almost balletic about racking up an impressive combo. read more


AMD: an “Nvidia DLSS-like thing can be done with our GPU”

AMD believes its GPUs can match Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) technology. Using the general purpose GPU (GPGPU) compute power of its Radeon graphics silicon, and the DirectML API implementation of Microsoft’s machine learning algorithms, AMD could offer an open source alternative to Nvidia’s dedicated hardware-based approach. read more