(BUNDLES) game deal finding app!

I created this app to help me easily find game bundles and deals.  It pulls information from a number of different websites. With a few toola included in the menu section to help further your searches in finding better deals.  When a new bundle or deal update is posted the app will send a notification right to your phone.  It is a very handy app. read more


Canada’s so polite in Civ 6 that it won’t even declare war if you nuke it

Canada joined the roster of Civilization VI nations in the Gathering Storm expansion, and true to cultural stereotypes, the country’s abilities involve being very nice. More specifically, the leader Wilfrid Laurier’s Four Faces of Peace ability prevents it from being targeted by surprise wars, or declaring them. Unfortunately, it does not protect Canada from getting nuked. read more


Marvel’s Spider-Man Dev Wasn’t Sure About the Right Amount of Humour Needed to Balance the Storyline’s Tone

Marvel’s Spider-Man was definitely one of the best exclusive titles to release in a long time, delivering an absolute spot-on superhero experience, and capturing the web-slinger’s witty one-liners and sense of humour in the most inappropriate moments perfectly. read more


Guild Wars 2 developer ArenaNet reportedly prepares for mass layoffs

ArenaNet, the developer of Guild Wars 2, is planning for mass layoffs, according to a new report. The company has made no official comment about these plans, but an internal email from the CEO of ArenaNet owner NCSoft suggests that a major cost-cutting effort across the company is underway. Which in more human terms means a lot of developers are likely about to lose their jobs. read more


THQ Nordic Has More Acquisitions Planned

THQ Nordic has become more prominent in the news as of late over the various IPs they managed to swoop up and purchase. For instance, the company has since picked up series such as TimeSplitters, Alone in the Dark, Wreckfest, and Expeditions.  However, it doesn’t look like the company is slowing down anytime soon as they managed to secure over $200 million through new Class B Shares. As new investors purchased these shares, THQ Nordic was able to bring in enough funds to further play around with. read more


Overwatch teaser hints that hero 30 is an ex-Talon healer named Baptiste

A new Overwatch teaser seems to be setting the stage for debut of hero 30, and while there’s more than one way to interpret what’s been shown, the safest bets are putting money down on an ex-Talon healer named Baptiste. The French name fits in with the recently-released Paris map, though true to past Overwatch conventions he’ll likely hit the game proper under a code name. read more


There Are Currently No Plans For Post-Launch DLC On Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry is getting a brand new installment this year in the form of Devil May Cry 5. The game is slated to launch within March of this year and if you’re eagerly awaiting for the game, you may be interested in knowing that the game doesn’t have any post-launch content. Instead, the game will launch fully without any additional DLC that can be purchased later on. This announcement came from a fan Tweet towards Matt Walker, a producer of the title. read more