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NuclearCoffee android app / Announcement (app updated please redownload)

As always you can download our android app for the website directly from google play and have it just automatically update there.  However, I know that there are some people out there who would just prefer to not have to deal with the hassle of google play so with that in mind we are offering a download of our apk here on the site.   We will regularly update it here as well as on google play so now that gives us a second area to have it become available. read more


PlanetSide Arena is shutting down in January

PlanetSide Arena was built with lofty ambitions: massive, 1,000-player battle royale over maps of up to 64 square kilometers set in the sci-fi universe of PlanetSide 2. Sadly though, Daybreak Game Company’s foray into battle royale is coming to an early close: the company has announced that servers for PlanetSide Arena will shut down January 10. read more


Two songs from the Hollow Knight: Silksong soundtrack are out now

The sequel to the beloved indie Metroidvania is journeying ever deeper into development, and while the Hollow Knight: Silksong release date is still set for a vague ‘when it’s ready,’ the developers at Team Cherry are still showing off some of the new features you can expect. Today, that includes a glimpse at some new enemies and two full songs off the expanding soundtrack. read more


Free games: Steam’s favourite dong slider gets a free weekend

Conan Exiles still enjoys a solid community and still offers the chance to fulfill all your traditional videogame fantasies, such as being a powerful barbarian or having an extremely large penis. This free weekend is about more than dong sliders, though – a big new update has added mounts, so if you haven’t checked in for a bit you’ll find a whole bunch of new horseback content to enjoy. read more


PlayerUnknown’s Prologue is not PUBG 2 or a shooter

PlayerUnknown’s Prologue made its appearance among The Game Awards announcements last night, but it seems Brendan ‘PlayerUnknown’ Greene is pulling a Morpheus on us – no one can be told what Prologue is. The teaser left way more questions than answers, but a new interview sheds the tiniest bit of light on what the new project is. read more


Resident Evil 3 easter eggs bleed into Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 3’s Nemesis makes his big comeback in next year’s remake, but it seems the BOW isn’t content to wait for the Resident Evil 3 remake release date. The monster has made a small appearance in a new version of the Resident Evil 2 demo, and it’s just one part of a pattern of easter eggs bleeding into this year’s hit remake. read more


Nine to Five is a Rainbow Six Siege-like FPS from former Wargaming and Remedy devs

Look out Rainbow Six Siege – there’s a new tactical FPS in town. Or there will be, sometime in 2020. Devs from some AAA studios (like Wargaming and Remedy) have teamed up to create new studio Redhill Games, and announced their first title at The Game Awards 2019. It’s called Nine to Five and is “a fresh take” on the tactical FPS genre, due to hit alpha testing next year. read more


Xbox Series X confirms AMD RDNA 2.0 GPUs support DX12 Variable Rate Shading

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X unveiling has confirmed AMD’s next-gen RDNA graphics cards will support DirectX 12’s Variable Rate Shading (VRS) technology to improve frame rates… and actually give it a chance to nail those 4K 60fps promises. That’s not just a bonus for the new Xbox PC, but it’s going to be a massive help to anyone buying a new graphics card in 2020. read more