(BUNDLES) game deal finding app!

I created this app to help me easily find game bundles and deals.  It pulls information from a number of different websites. With a few toola included in the menu section to help further your searches in finding better deals.  When a new bundle or deal update is posted the app will send a notification right to your phone.  It is a very handy app. read more


CS:GO players think they’ve found a Portal ARG in the new battle royale map

Something weird is going on with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s new battle royale mode, Danger Zone. Players have discovered a bank of computers that are hidden behind a surface-level joke that they think might be a hint from Valve about… something. read more


Free games: Company of Heroes 2 is yours to keep if you grab it today

Sega is holding a belated fifth birthday party for Company of Heroes 2, the Eastern Front follow-up to its popular WW2 real-time strategy game. To celebrate, they’re giving Company of Heroes 2 away for free on Steam today, and discounting some of its better DLC. read more


Just Cause 4 gets its A-Ha moment

One could make the argument that Just Cause games are entirely composed of Easter Eggs, especially if you consider launching cattle into low-earth orbit to be a special treat. But Just Cause 4 has gone a bit above and beyond with this Easter Egg, which features Rico finding himself in a classic ‘80s music video. read more


Warframe’s Baruuk shows off his “pacifist” ability set

The next Warframe coming to Digital Extremes’ constantly-expanding game is Baruuk, who the developers have described as a “reluctant warrior” and even a “pacifist.” This week, the team gave a demonstration of all of his abilities in a live devstream, and Baruuk looks like he’ll be an interesting Warframe to play both solo and as part of a team. read more


Astralis poised to win the Intel Grand Slam’s $1M prize in today’s final against Team Liquid

Danish CS:GO squad Astralis is making a run for the Intel Grand Slam after defeating mousesports in their ESL Pro League Season 8 playoffs match this weekend. That puts them within striking distance of their fourth major trophy, and a cool $1 million bonus prize. read more


Kingdom expands into co-op with Two Crowns

You may remember Kingdom – it was an odd and meditative little colony management game that mixed roguelike elements with base-building, somehow pulling this all off on a one dimensional playing field. As the monarch, you’d ride back and forth collecting coins and then using those to recruit followers and build up your castle. This week, a new rendition of the game launches that adds a brand new biome and co-op functionality. read more