Month: April 2017


20 Best Couch Co-Op Games To Play With Friends

Gaming with friends is always tremendous fun and offers a change of pace from going solo. While the majority of multiplayer gaming is competitive, playing in a cooperative fashion, working toward the same goal is rewarding and immensely enjoyable. The idea of split-screen cooperative gaming is slowly dying out as the couch co-op genre has implemented online modes to replace this feature. However, nothing beats sitting down in the same room as your friends to tackle a game together. The following are the 10 best cooperative games to play in split-screen on the same television. read more

WATCH: The Undertaker’s Pyro Sets The WrestleMania Stage on Fire

The Undertaker did not pick up his record-setting 100th win on pay-per-view Sunday night at WrestleMania 33. Instead, like most old school wrestlers, he did the right thing and lost in what certainly appeared to be his final match. It was a bittersweet moment for longtime wrestling fans, but the Taker still got to leave WrestleMania to a standing ovation, as he symbolically left his gloves, coat, and hat in the center of the ring before being lowered down into the entrance ramp, while his trademark music and pyro show boomed throughout the stadium. read more