Month: July 2017


Paige Reveals More Details of Alberto Del Rio Domestic Violence Incident

Last week it was reported that Global Force Wrestling champion (and former WWE champ) Alberto El Patron aka Alberto Del Rio was under investigation for domestic violence after an incident at an Orlando airport. The local police confirmed they were looking into things, and GFW actually released a statement that they has suspended El Patron indefinitely pending the results of the investigation. read more


15 Video Game Reboots That Failed To Breathe New Life Into A Franchise

Whatever the medium, pulling off a successful reboot of an established brand is a tricky proposition. Creators have to deliver a product that not only will be embraced by existing fans of that specific property, but also introduce enough new ideas to justify doing the reboot in the first place. This is especially tricky in gaming, where fans often want to see their favorite series go in bold new directions, but still retain their “classic” feel. read more


The Rock is Officially Registered to Campaign For President in 2020

With the recent election of a TV personality to the prestigious office of the President of the United States, citizens are starting to wonder which other celebrities might make a good elected official. Former pro wrestler and current Hollywood A-lister Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is among the names being floated around, even jokingly. In fact, Johnson actually said he “wouldn’t rule out” a switch into politics, adding that “it’s a real possibility.” He also joked that he wants Tom Hanks as his running mate, so maybe he’s not really that serious about it read more


‘Mario + Rabbids’ Coming Soon

Arguably, one of E3’s biggest surprises this year must have been Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, and on so many levels, the game simply screams (in some cases, literally) its own oddities. Now, it’s not unheard of for Mario to genre swap away from his traditional, 2D platformer roots – I mean, you can probably find a Mario game of any type: Mario sports, Mario racing, Mario RPGs, Mario puzzlers, Mario brawlers, Mario mobile, Mario this and Mario that. He’s everywhere, and that’s just Peachy (he had to find Peach in another castle, after all, so why not expand his own horizons? Pun entirely intended). read more