A reunion with Futurama, because only one show used climatic math theorems

Footage from “The Six Million Dollar Mon”

AUSTIN, Texas—“What sets this show apart from the other shows you’ve worked on?” asks an audience member decked out in a potentially questionably licensed Planet Express tee. As the other four panelists look to see who’ll field this, actor Phil LaMarr doesn’t hesitate.

“Most of the other shows I’ve been on haven’t been cancelled three times.”

Even if it did somewhat pioneer the practice of fandom driving another network to swoop in for the save, Futurama of course stands out for far more than its episode total. Which is likely why a partial cast of LaMarr (Hermes), Maurice LaMarche (Kif), David Herman (Scruffy), and Billy West (Fry, Zoidberg, Farnsworth, et al.) happily reunited with creator David X. Cohen on stage Friday night during the ATX TV Festival for a live table read and Q&A.