Battlefield 2018 Reveal Coming Very Soon

With EA Play just around the corner, and with the publisher stating that the latest Battlefield will be playable at this year’s EA convention – fans have been itching to receive some sort of hint towards what 2018’s Battlefield will be like.

Now we’ve received news that the reveal trailer is actually underway, and will be launched very soon.

Randy Evans, who’s a senior video and media director/editor at Dice, has teased gamers by posting the following via Twitter:

“Battlefield 2018 reveal trailer is underway.”

The folks over at Gamereactor have reminded us that Randy did a similar tweet last year, which was followed by the reveal trailer two weeks later. Thoughts on the upcoming Battlefield? What do you think it’s going to be? My best bet is either World War 2 or a real return to roots with a Battlefield Vietnam.

In other Battlefield 1 news, the latest DLC for the first person shooter dropped last week. Read more about it, here.

‘The latest DLC pack for EA’s first-person shooter, Battlefield 1 has just landed today. Starting today for Premium Pass members players can conquer 3 new maps – you’ll be be able to traverse the devastated countryside of Belgium in Passchendaele, fight in the mountain terrain of Caporetto or spawn into the barrage filled wheat fields in River Somme.’

Battlefield 1 is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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