Cyberpunk 2077’s Weapon Classes Explained

One of the most exciting aspects of Cyberpunk 2077’s futuristic world is the arsenal of weapons that you get access to in the game. There are basically three distinct weapon types in the game.

Of the three you will be able to use whatever you like to your advantage and your playstyle will really compliment the weapon that you choose. You have power weapons, smart weapons, and tech weapons.

Power weapons are those that close to the weapons that we have now, these contemporary weapons give a lot of bang which is a plus point in using them. You can use power weapons to ricochet bullets off of walls and on to your opponent for maximum benefit and added style bonus.

Tech weapons in Cyberpunk 2077 are electromagnetically powered, which means that you will see a mid of modifications on them to make them even more robust to use and more versatile. Tech weapons can be used to obliterate your opponents and even get enemies that are hiding behind a wall.

Tech weapons have penetrative bullets, this means that more often than not, there won’t be any place to hide for your opponents when you’re wielding this weapon.

Finally, the smart weapons are the futuristic forms of weapons that we expect Cyberpunk 2077 to have. These have bullets that can seak their targets and attack them even if they’re hiding behind a cover.

Apart from all of this, you can even upgrade weapons with different parts and mods to increase particular stats of the weapons. These vary from accuracy, speed, and even power. As you keep upgrading these weapons you will have much more functionality.

Cyberpunk 2077 has managed to merge an RPG game with FPS gun-wielding experience, hoping to bring out the best of both worlds to deliver an amazing experience.

Speaking of FPS genre, Cyberpunk 2077 will also have weapon rarity and the rarest weapons will be the ones to be on the lookout for. You will need to

CD Projekt RED has assured that in future episodes of Night City Wire episodes they’ll focus more on the functionality of the game and how to balance both these styles.

All in all, it looks like there is a concrete set of ideas in place for Cyberpunk 2077 and with each new weapon that is brought to the game, players will get a different experience which hopefully will be fine-tuned to meet everyone’s expectations.

Cyberpunk 2077 is releasing on 19th November 2020 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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