Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit are coming to PC via the Epic store

Say what you like about David Cage – and many do – but his games are nothing if not distinctive. Unfortunately for us on PC, they’ve been limited to PlayStation platforms… until now.

The three PlayStation-exclusive games Cage has made with his current studio, Quantic Dream, are coming to our platform as exclusives on the Epic Games store. That means 2018’s Detroit: Become Human, 2013’s Beyond: Two Souls, and its 2010 hit Heavy Rain. The news was announced at Epic’s presentation to the Game Developers’ Conference today.

For those diehard PC loyalists who won’t even look at another console, David Cage is one of the few games designers so idiosyncratic that you’ve actually heard of him, like Hideo Kojima or Ken Levine. A divisive figure, his fans say he makes innovative games that push the boundaries of interactive storytelling, while his critics say his experiments seldom come together and the end result is either weird or boring.


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