IGDA Survey Highlights Diversity Important Going Forward

Findings from the Developer Satisfaction Survey (DSS) conducted by the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) suggest that while most game developers regard diversity as important, a striking percentage feel their company had no diversity-related policies or weren’t aware of any such policies in place. The survey is based upon 963 valid responses.

According to the data, 81% of respondents believed that diversity was “very important” or “somewhat important” in the workplace, a increase from 2016 figures. While the number of respondents who believe diversity in the games industry has risen since 2015, it still sits at a comparatively small 42%. Out of the remaining numbers, 22% reported being unsure, and 3% considered the inudstry a less diverse place.

As for company policies, 57% of participants said there was a ‘general non-discrimination policy’ but the majority were not sure (34%) whether they were actually being enforced, or believed that they were not being enforced (56%). Furthermore, 56% felt no perceived inequality towards themselves, and 44% indicated no discernible inequality towards others.

On the future of game design and content, over half of participants (58%) expressed a desire for more diversity in game content, and the biggest group of participants supported the idea of making advancements to game design. Though companies are certainly making a stand for including more diverse content in games, it is telling that almost 60% of developers still see a need for improvement.

The data also shows that the most popular genre being developed regardless of employment type is action. For self-employed developers, casual games (40%) were the most popular choice, while 36% of self-employed developers veered towards strategy, and 35% towards the RPG genre.

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The DSS is publicly available. Those interested can give it a read here.


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